1000 words per question, 3000 total

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Critically analyse Harley-Davidson internally and externally supporting it with evidence from reliable sources (journal articles, case studies, annual reports)
1000 words per question, 3000 total
Introduce each model with a definition from a reliable source
20 – 30 good reliable sources (research papers, case studies), try use the most recent studies
compare with rivals
what makes the company unique
Don’t try to sell the company, just evaluate how they really are, explain strengths as well as weaknesses
If comparing financial data use a 5 year period, for example compare 2015 to 2020 data
Critically analyse HD internally and externally supporting it with evidence from reliable sources
1 ) Critically evaluate and comment on HD’s financial and competitive position at the time of the case study.
Internal analysis, use 2 models: Value Chain and Porters generic strategies
short introduction what the company does, can put mission statement if it has one
Value chain – if u cant find information for all parts of value chain that’s fine, just explain that and focus on the ones you can find
Most important thing – outbound logistics, which are finished goods
Also use Porter’s generic strategy to find out what competitive advantage HD has over its rivals
We want to get competitive advantage over our competitors.
Need to identify our customer wants and needs and satisfy those expectations. If we can satisfy our customers better than our competitors, it should give us a profitable and sustainable business.
2) It is critical for any organisation to take account of the environment they operate within if they are to achieve competitive advantage. Conduct an environmental analysis for HD.
External analysis, use 2 models: PESTEL Analysis and Porter’s 5 forces
Identify opportunities and threats that exists in environment and impact UA
suggests as a minimum to use PESTEL analysis, it will help to identify opportunities and threats that u can talk about later
pestel is forward looking tool, its looking at those drivers on environment that will impact HD in the future
don’t use it as backward looking tool, look at how it will or could impact them instead of how it has .
second model to have is porter 5 forces – tells you about the factors in the immediate market environment under which UA operates,
tells important info like – competitive rivalry, potential threat of new entrance, whether substitutes are available, how are the suppliers how are the customers…
              3) Critically analyse and evaluate the options open to HD’s long-term strategic development.  What strategy is HD pursuing now, and what strategy do you recommend for HD in the future?
Options and recommendations, use 1 model: Ansoff’s model
answers should flow from ur q1 and q2.
whatever models u use in q1 at the end of it you should be able to tell what to answer in q3 as you come up with strengths and weaknesses in q1. Build on companies’ strengths try to minimize its weaknesses
good starting point is porter’s generic strategies, can link from q1 if talking about them in q1
justify your reasoning if you would suggest them to stick to their porter’s strategy or change

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