STA 2014 Week 4 Individual Work

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STA 2014
StatisticsSTA2014Week4 Individual Work
Assignment Instructions
To completethis assignment:
1. Answer all of the questions below inthe space provided.2. Reflect on the information presentedin this week’s lesson and provide an insightful response to each question.
Save and Submit to Dropbox
1.Saveyour work as a Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx) file that includes your name,course code, and title in the file name. For example: XX_STA2014_Week4.docx.2. To submit your assignment, go to theDropbox and click “Submit Assignment.”3. Click on the drop-down menu toselect the Week 4: Individual Work basket in the Dropbox.
Objectives:Interpretthe process of collecting unbiased data for observational studies andexperiments.Usestatistical thinking in the process of data collection.
Section 2.1
26. President’s State of Birth:The following table lists the presidents of the United States (as of October2010) and their states of birth.
(b) Which state has yielded the most presidents?
Answer: Virginia lead with 8 presidents
(c)Explain why the answer obtained in part (b) may be misleading.
36. Uninsured Rates: The following data representthe percentage of people without health insurance for the 50 states and theDistrict of Columbia in 2009.
With the ?rst class having a lower class limit of4 and a class width of 2:
(a) Construct a frequency distribution.
Answer:4.2 to 25.0
(b) Construct a relative frequency distribution.
(c) Construct a frequency histogram of the data.
(d) Construct a relative frequency histogram ofthe data.
(e) Describe the shape of the distribution.
Answer:Skewed Right.
6. Car Accidents: An article in a studentnewspaper claims that younger drivers are safer than older drivers andprovides the following graph to support the claim. Explain how this graph ismisleading.
Answer:25yrs and older looks like they are 8 times more likely to be in an motorvehicle accident.
16. Flight Time: The following data represent the?ight time (in minutes) of a random sample of seven ?ights from Las Vegas,Nevada, to Newark, New Jersey, on Continental Airlines.282,270, 260, 266, 257, 260, 267
Compute the mean, median, and mode flight time.
34. Mr. Zuro finds the mean height of all 14students in his statistics class to be 68.0 inches. Just as Mr. Zuro finishesexplaining how to get the mean, Danielle walks in late. Danielle is 65 inchestall. What is the mean height of the 15 students in the class?
20. Travel Time: The following data represent thetravel time (in minutes) to school for nine students enrolled in Sullivan’sCollege Algebra course. Treat the nine students as a population.
(a) Determine the population standard deviation.
(b) Findthree simple random samples of size 4, and determine the sample standarddeviation of each sample.
(c) Whichsamples underestimate the population standard deviation? Which overestimatethe population standard deviation?

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