Impact of Big Data on Businesses.

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Write a 2-3 article summary on the topic of Impact of Big Data on Businesses. Find 2-3 recent peer reviewed articles (within the past 3 years) that closely relate to Impact of Big Data on Businesses. Your submission must include the following information in the following format: ANALYSIS: Using 750-1200 words, write a brief analysis, in your own words of how the article relates to the selected chapters. An analysis is not rehashing what was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment. REFERENCES: All references must be listed at the bottom of the submission–in APA format. Be sure to use the headers in your submission to ensure that all aspects of the assignment are completed as required. Other Article: “The Rendezvous” a Video by Rob Cantor Essay 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars(No Ratings Yet) Functionalism and the fundamental ways that it looks at society and culture From the viewpoint of functionalist perspective, every social wonder just exists since it plays out a particular limit in a particular culture. In such a way, as the overall population develops, some regional, social, social, and political marvels stop to exist (Isajiw 34). In the theoretical arrangement of the functionalist approach, it is furthermore reasonable to suggest that the best way to deal with slaughter some negative features of the serious society is to understand what work they perform and find the elective that can moreover satisfy that need. We will form a custom Essay on “The Rendezvous” a Video by Rob Cantor unequivocally for you for just $16.05 $11/page 304 affirmed creators on the web Discover More Regardless, it is furthermore basic to observe that there are different rather questionable… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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