63394 – 3,000 paper and PPTThe student should put in practice

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Assignment Details:
3,000 paper and PPTThe student should put in practice all the material learned in the classes by playing the role of the CFO from one of the publicly traded companies from the list. You are required to present, to the business board of directors, a comprehensive analysis of the financial situation of the companyTESLA, STARBUCKS, AIRBUS, NIKE, NESTLE or WALMARTThe financial manager should perform a due diligence covering points form 1-5, and any other relevant data.1. Critically analyze major business situations where the financial manager had an impact in the financial decisions2. The business valuation based on news, corporate announcements or any other surprise3. Value their major capital investment decisions based on project analysis and evaluation.4. Critically research their Dividend policy and payments for the last 5Y5. Critically evaluate the Corporate Credit Policy6. Discuss how the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted their Capital Budgeting / Investment plans and their Dividend Policy for Y2020 – 2021• The essay should be typed in a double spaced, 12 font, and a 3000 – 3500 word limit MS Word format.• The report should display a coherent structure: title page should include student name, course name, lecturer name, date, and school name followed by contents page, introduction, executive summary, methodology, findings, analysis, conclusions, recommendations, referencing and appendices.• Tables or work/data taken from other sources may be included , and explained• Students are reminded that depth, relevance and variety are the crucial elements of quality research• The recorded PPT document should be professionally curatedCriteria of project evaluation:o Completeness of the projecto Accuracy of the documentationo Proof of understanding of the various sectionso Degree to which the project is personalized for the indicated countries and the chosen sectoro Initiative

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