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9:08urcourses.uregina.caQ * oP.’ 0-One of the strategies I use to not only locate specific themes associated to my topic, but help me develop a research paper outline involves the use of colored sticky notes. Let’s just say I am thinking about writing a paper on the topic of domestic violence and conduct library search to see what information is available on the topic. Through my library search, I locate a couple of books, newspaper articles, and journal articles on the topic of domestic violence.As I start to read my sources, I use specific color sticky notes to indicate different aspects associated to the topic. For example, I use the blue sticky notes to highlight information that addresses the history of domestic violence. I use pink sticky notes to highlight information that discusses the role of the church and state in their support of domestic violence. Then, I use the green sticky notes to highlight the role of the woman’s movement to campaign for the state to recognize domestic violence as a crime. Then I use the orange sticky notes to highlight changes in the law that recognize domestic violence as a crime. Lastly, I use the purple sticky note to highlight statistical trends of domestic violence.Not only does this strategy help me narrow down my topic, but it helps me organize specific themes I can address in my paper. Moreo’ t helps me keep my research organized, rr A the process of r.r.nosier.

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