300600Mechatronic System Design

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School of Engineering
300600Mechatronic System Design
Practical Session 4
Product Design and Development: Product Dissection and Design for Disassembly
(Team Work Only)
Practical Session 4 Workbook
Group Number: ­­­ 300600-2018-____
Group Members:                                      
Student ID
Working on a power tool allocated to the group
Create the sequence for disassembling and assembling the power tool
Create a component decomposition diagram for the power tool
Make a structured bill of materials (BOM)
Get really familiar with every part and its role in the assembly
Identify the power transmission system designed and used in the power tool
You have two options to finish this workbook: a) use the drill model uploaded on the vUWS site; or b) find an assembly by yourselves (this assembly must contain at least three sub-assemblies and 5 parts per sub-assembly).  
If you choose Option a), find the SolidWorks model of a cordless electric drill named ‘Drill Master Assembly.STEP’ uploaded to the Folder on the vUWS site:  Learn materials àPracs.
Ignore the warning messages when you open the .STEP file.
·        Referring to the drawing in the next page, there are 6 sub-assemblies (Item No.1-5 and 8), which are highlighted in the information table.
You are required to disassemble at least 3 sub-assemblies (one sub-assembly for each student).
If you decide using the drill model, the sub-assembly named ‘Drill motor gearbox2’ must be disassembled.
If you decide to use your own model, a sub-assembly of power transmission must be disassembled.
Product Decomposition
The product’s basic assemblies and components were broken down into a product decomposition diagram as sub-assemblies consisting of several individual parts according to their functions. This was to help in understanding where each part was in relation to the assembly. Please add or remove blocks when necessary.
In this diagram, you need to list the name of each part and show one image per part.
For example:
Sequence of Disassembly and Assembly
List the steps for disassembling and reassembling the sub-assemblies of the power tools (at least 3 sub-assemblies) and point out which part took more time to dissect.
Evaluation of Power Transmission System
Create a sketch plot or schematic of power transmission system used in the power tool (i.e., drill motor gearbox2) and identify the gear trains or other drives used in it. 
Evaluation of Overall Design of Power Tool
Recognise the advantages and disadvantages of power tool from the design’s point of view through group discussion.  
Bill of Materials
Please add or remove row and column when necessary.
Part No.
Part Name
Manufacturing Process

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