301013 Advanced Statistical Hydrology

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1Unit 301013 Advanced Statistical HydrologyProject (3 students in a group)Weight: 30%, Length: 5,000 words (a variation of 10% is acceptable)Due: 11:59 pm, 27 Sep 2021How to submit: One student on behalf of the project group shall submit the report via vUWS.Task: Table 1 contains annual maximum flow data for Station 204036 Cataract Creek at Sandy Hill,NSW. Carry out the following tasks:1. Use excel to fit a Normal distribution and estimate 10%, 2% and 1% AEP floods.2. Use excel to fit LP3 distribution and estimate 10%, 2% and 1% AEP floods.3. Use R program to estimate 10%, 2% and 1% AEP floods by fitting a GEV distribution.4. Use ARR-RFFE Model and estimate 10%, 2% and 1% AEP floods at the gauging location.5. Compare results of steps 1 to 4.6. Use Mann-Kendall test to examine trends in the annual maximum flow data at the site.Based on the above tasks, prepare a project report having the below structure.Introduction: It should contain general statement, objectives of the project and structure ofthe report. (Relative weight in marking: 5%)Literature review: It should contain a critical review of the concept and method used withreference to at least 10 published journal papers. Journal papers can be found from:http://scholar.google.com.au/. (Relative weight in marking: 25%)Methodology: It should include the equations and methods adopted in the project analysis.Every equation should be typed using Equation editor, and every equation should benumbered. A flow chart of the methodology adopted needs to be provided. (Relative weightin marking: 20%)Results and discussion: It should present the results in tabular form, graphs and in otherformats, as appropriate. Discuss results with reference to each figure and table. Make suretables and figures have titles and these are numbered. Discuss overall findings. Discuss therelative accuracy of your design flood estimates. Which of the Q100 design flows will yourecommend for designing a bridge at the site and why? Comment on the identified trendand discuss how it would have affected your Q100 estimate? Attach R codes in theappendix. (Relative weight in marking: 30%)Conclusion: It should summarise the report, gives major findings and limitations and scopeof further improvement. (Relative weight in marking: 10%)References: It should list the references quoted in the body of the report following Harvardstyle. Arrange references in the alphabetic order. Make sure references are presented in aconsistent and professional manner. (Relative weight in marking: 10%)2Similarity index: The Turnitin similarity index must be less than 10% and no single sentenceto be copied 100% from other source.Table 1. Annual maximum flow data at Site 204036 (NSW): Cataract Creek at SandyHill, NSW. Catchment area: 236 km2Gauge latitude (degree): -28.9300Gauge longitude (degree): 152.2200Catchment centroid latitude (degree): -29.008Catchment centroid longitude (degree): 152.1343Year Annual Maximum Flow (m3/s)1953 57.151954 355.021955 189.611956 743.181957 23.141958 68.771959 310.331960 41.631961 61.791962 395.351963 287.111964 32.541965 254.311966 29.531967 402.601968 111.511969 61.631970 58.451971 528.541972 143.671973 63.261974 198.111975 41.801976 96.831977 18.661978 23.091979 76.391980 258.101981 75.021982 31.491983 99.611984 125.131985 97.311986 20.021987 19.771988 324.661989 217.231990 139.741991 23.051992 51.921993 16.511994 15.701995 62.691996 314.061997 156.161998 36.551999 177.422000 20.262001 349.332002 7.982003 31.562004 40.992005 48.702006 56.682007 85.312008 307.422009 504.662010 87.612011 1066.092012 163.222013 421.742014 32.432015 133.722016 74.192017 114.972018 7.47

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