59790 – Subject Name: Introduction to Data Analytics for BusinessAssessment

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Subject Name: Introduction to Data Analytics for BusinessAssessment Title: Data Analytics Case StudyAssessment Type: Written ReportWord Count: 2000 WordsYour TaskIdentify an organisation that you are familiar with and propose a data analytics application that will create efficiencies. My data analytics case study that I apply front office in the hotel, how front offices create efficiency in the hotel. What are their roles in the hotel? Use the data to analysis the front desk work. How the front office resolve the hard complain from the guest and improve the front office services by using data analytics. How compare a relationship front office and the customer return.All questions above just remind idea in this report. Please do not answer these questions above.Write the report based on I highlighted in the yellow color and assessment marking guide.Assessment DescriptionIn this assessment, you will be required to identify an opportunity for the development of a data analytics-based application within an industry that is meaningful to your current or future occupation or career. (Front office)Assessment InstructionsIn this assessment, you need to consider an organisation in an industry of your choice and articulate the steps needed to enable data driven decision making. In order to effectively address the requirements of this assessment you need to be familiar with the operations of the company (i.e. ideally the company you are working for, have worked for or a company you intend on founding).• Describe the current mode of operation (front office in the hotel)• Possible inefficiencies• Available data sources• How this data may be used to provide efficiencies based on the concepts and techniques covered in the subjecto Describe in detail the type of analytic techniques you would useo Preliminary analysis of a sample dataset would be a bonus• Describe outcomes and methods of communication to stakeholderso Use example visualisations – what visualisations would you use and why?Assessment Marking GuideThis case study will be marked on the grounds of whether or not the following competencies are satisfactory.Writing Style:Criteria MarksAvailable• Introduction, body and conclusion are written satisfactorily with only occasional grammar/spelling errors.• In-text referencing and reference list satisfactory.6 marks3 marksAnalytic Skills• Clear problem/potential for improvement with metrics defining the key problems (stakeholders, benefits).• Description of data sources• Adequate method to analyse the data with details of the intended output3 marks3 marks9 marksPractical Skills• Major variables of decision-making process made clear.• Challenges in implementation outlined.• Insightful graphical representations.6 marks5 marks4 marksTotal 40 marks

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