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PMO Foundations
Common Assignment Requirements
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your comprehension of the foundational aspects of the project management office (PMO) and the PMO competency continuum. To satisfy this objective, address the following assignment key elements:
PMO Definition: Based on synthesis of the readings, module lecture, and your research, describe in your own words what the project management office (PMO) is and its purpose.
Project Management Environment: Emphasize the PMO’s distinction from portfolio, program, and project management. Identify three key PMO stakeholders and describe their interest. Identify and justify the common PMO types and structures.
PMO Value: Explain how the PMO adds project management and enterprise value. Describe the PMO competency continuum framework and its five stages. Illustrate the PMO competency continuum for delivering sustainable PMO value.
 PMO Foundations Essay
For the assignment Option #1, write an essay to address the PMO Foundations Common Assignment Requirements.
Submit your Module 1 Critical Thinking assignment as a single Microsoft Word document to the submissions area established for this purpose.
Your essay should address the following requirements:
1.Your well-written PMO recommendation essay thesis should be 6 pages in length, which does not include the title, reference, or appendix pages. You need to add headings and subheadings associated with each of the bullet points listed in the common assignment requirements.
2.Format your presentation per the APA guidelines, which should include an introduction and conclusion.
3.Include title and reference pages.
4.In addition to your course textbook, cite at least three current (published within the past 5 years) scholarly resources (peer-reviewed, official governmental reports, and other scholarly sources) to support your suppositions, assertions, and conclusions.
5.Include an appendix for tables and figures as appropriate.
Please write clearly, concisely, and cohesively; use section level headers to organize the key elements of your thesis.
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