63007 – ASSIGNMENT 1 SUMMARY – BUSINESS CASEThe task is to develop

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Assignment Details:
ASSIGNMENT 1 SUMMARY – BUSINESS CASEThe task is to develop a business case (1500 words max, including references). It should describe the problem, identify the possible options to address it and provide a recommendation for which option is best, weighing up the costs and benefits. The intent of abusiness case is to convince key stakeholders of the merits of a particular course of action and it lays the foundations to initiate a project.This assignment accounts for 15% of the overall assessment in this unit. This task should be completed individually.INSTRUCTIONS:1. Choose a topic.a. You can create a problem on which to build a Business Case (i.e. Problem – Low Customer Satisfaction with Our Company’s Services; Solution for the Business Case – Software Upgrade that will help to deal with Customer Complains quicker, and hence will improve customer satisfaction) ORb. You can choose a topic for your Business Case from the Organisation you work (or worked) for.2. Confirm your topic with your lecturer in the class by Week 2.3. It is expected that your business case will have the following sections:• Executive Summary;• Introduction;• Statement of the problem;• Analysis;• Discussion of Possible Options;• Recommendation;• Details of your Chosen Option;• Conclusion.4. Your report should be no longer than 1500 words, including references. Formatting: 12-point type, 1.5-line spacing, Justified alignment. All researched information must be correctly referenced using APA7 Referencing style.BUSINESS CASE PRESENTATIONYou can use a structure of your own or adapt the example below.Business CaseProject Name:Project Manager:1. Executive SummaryThe executive summary in the business case should be a detailed summary of the proposal which is being put forward. It has to include an outline of the business case, analysis of the proposal and recommended option being proposed.2. Project2.1. Business Overview & NeedsBriefly describe the business background, including the general business problem to which the project will address. What Business Needs/Problems you are going to address?2.2. Project Background & ScopeProject background has to capture project’s history, prior decisions, considerations, and other key information. If it is a new project, explain what needs/ issues this project will address. Detail specific goals of the project and scope. In short, in this section you should provide a comprehensive description of the solution proposed.2.3. Key Project StakeholdersList key stakeholders.3. Analysis3.1. AlternativesThe Alternative Analysis section should identify options and alternatives to the proposed project and the strategy used to identify and define them. Include at least 2-3 viable alternatives.3.2. Preferred SolutionExplain the preferred solution and reasons for choosing it. You should also include a CostBenefit analysis here and Financial Considerations. Add a high level schedule of implementation or delivery strategy with key responsibilities outlined.4. Assumptions, Issues & RisksList any assumptions, issues and constraints that have to be taken into account when considering the potential implementation of the above. Also add basic business and technical risks/issues of executing and/or not executing the project.5. Next StepsAdd Next Steps to indicate what is required (i.e. Financing, Approval, Project Owner…).SUBMISSION: Online on LMS.

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