64774 – Assessment 3: ReportDue date: Week 12Group/individual:

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Assignment Details:
Assessment 3: ReportDue date: Week 12Group/individual: IndividualWord count/Time provided: 3000Weighting: 40%Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO3, ULO4, ULO5, ULO6Assessment 3 DetailYou have been asked to provide strategy advice to Bunnings CEO on the best information systems strategies that would help the business to improve its business performance and competitive advantage. It is essential that you conduct research based on the following suggestions, justify your selection on the best information systems strategies suitable to Bunnings. Other relevant information about the case study include the following:1. Discuss about the company’s IS strategies since it first introduced, including milestones.2. Identify and discuss major challenges facing Bunnings in the last five years, including present situation.3. Discuss about its current IS strategies and whether these strategies implemented are suitable in this current business environment.4. Research on Bunnings competitor IS strategies and provide comparisons of IS strategies between them.5. Discuss the Importance of IS/IT strategy management plan in helping Bunnings achieving competitive advantage.6. Propose two IS strategies which provide solutions to current company needs/problems. It is important that you propose two strategies as a back-up plan should one strategy fails.7. Select one best strategy that you believe would be successful to Bunnings. Explain how the proposed IS strategy and acquisition of information systems would contribute to success of the company.Assessments 3 Marking Criteria and RubricThe assessment will be marked out of 100 and will be weighted 40% of the total unit mark. The marking criteria and rubric are shown on the following page.

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