65739 – Written Questions Assessment Task 1In this task you are

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Assignment Details:
Written Questions Assessment Task 1In this task you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and skills of complying with environmental regulations, OHS requirements and organisational policies and procedures relating to environmentally sustainable work practices.Your written assignment (maximum 1000 words) needs to include a brief description of the objectives and/or aims of:1. Environmental legislation. Your assignment should include a minimum of one Act, one Regulation, two codes of practice, and one Australian Standard relating to commercial cookery2. Two organisational policies and procedures that need to be followed to ensure compliance with environmental legislation (can be workplace specific or St Peters International College organizational policies)3. Terms and conditions of employment such as employee and employer rights, daily tasks, equal opportunities4. OHS issues and requirements and environmental and resource hazards and risks5. Organisational structure and reporting systems for breaches or potential breaches to the appropriate personnel

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