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Assignment Details:
Please find below the information needed in the project and the details of how they should be.Topic : Role of Blockchain technology in building trust in Project Management (50 to 55 Pages) including tables and figures.Key Elements needed:Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings, Discussions, Analysis and conclusionLiterature review on recent studies. ( not more than 5-6 year old)A section on methodology including students’ arguments supporting their choice of methodology among the different options available to themA section on how students collected data in the field. This section may also include a discussion of the challenges encountered in collecting data and how students overcame themA section on data analysisA section on the results obtained from their data analysis. This section needs to be elaborated to include a discussion of their findingsA section on students’ theoretical and managerial implicationsA section on the limitations of their work, both theoretical and methodologicalDetails to be included:Relevant choice of methodology:A student who chooses to write a final management project of an academic nature should be able to justify the choice of methodology. For example, the student should be able to explain why a certain methodology is the most appropriate for the topic that (s)he has chosen to explore. Why does this methodology lend itself to the measurement/exploration of the variables that are being studied? What advantage does this methodology offer over other ways of studying the same research problem? This item is less relevant for more applied projects.Demonstration of the chosen methodology:The student also needs to demonstrate how (s)he has applied this methodology in his/her project. The method of data collection and analysis needs to be clearly explained and documented. The student should be able to design his/her own measurement instrument and test it for validity, reliability and credibility.Indicates methodological limitations:Irrespective of the methodological choice the student makes, there will be certain limitations emanating from the inherent nature of the chosen methodology. The student needs to understand, identify and acknowledge these in the final management project.Quality of data collection:The student needs to demonstrate that (s)he has collected primary data of good quality to test his/her hypotheses or to answer their questions. He/she needs to explain how (s)he collected the primary data explaining on what basis the guide for interview or the questionnaire was built, the information selected, how they were administrated, how respondents were selected, their numbers, etc.. Relying completely on secondary data, even if this is comprehensive and elaborate, will be considered insufficient for a Masters level thesis. All raw data (tables, transcripts, field notes, etc.) are to be securely held as these may be requested for audit purposes).Quality of data analysis:Irrespective of the choice of methodology, the student is required to carry out in-depth data analysis. The method of data analysis should be coherent with the method of data collection chosen, the overall methodology chosen for the final management project and the overall epistemological approach guiding the project. If quantitative methodology is chosen, then it is not sufficient to limit the data analysis to the descriptive level. The student is required to carry out inferential statistical analysis as well in order to test his/her hypotheses (if (s)he has hypotheses).Indicates theoretical implications:In conclusion, the student is required to demonstrate the theoretical implications of his/her work. This means that (s)he is required to point out how his/her work adds to/contributes to/ complements existing literature in the domain. The student is also required to show how (s)he has challenged past literature in the domain and how (s)he addresses a knowledge gap.Indicates managerial implications:Since the final management project by definition focuses on a managerial problem, it is important that the student can offer guidelines or practical suggestions to managers in terms of how to address the problem in question. In conclusion, the managerial recommendations that the student offers should be grounded in his/her results obtained after data analysis.Suggestions for future research or application:In conclusion, the student is required to elaborate on what (s)he has been able to achieve in his/her final management project and what (s)he has not been able to achieve. This would help him/her to identify what suggestions (s)he could give to future researchers in the same domainKindly refer the above details and provide me your best quotation. and time limit to complete the thesis.******* Plagiarisam acceptable level below 5%. So kindly take care in this area

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