66993 – Task 1: Annotated BibliographyDue Date: 6 Aug FridayWord

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Task 1: Annotated BibliographyDue Date: 6 Aug FridayWord Count: 1600 wordsIn this task you will review eight peer reviewed research articles published in academic journals that are immediately relevant to the topic or problem you are choosing to investigate. In the introduction to your annotated bibliography, you need to identify the researchable issue and explain why you have chosen to focus on this inquiry.Topic/Problem: What are the barriers EAL students face in mainstream English classroom, and in what ways teachers could facilitate their learning?Part One: Introduction(a) What is your research question? (b) What is the purpose of this review?Part Two: 8 Peer Reviewed ArticlesFraming your annotated bibliography as a response to a question makes the contribution of each article clearer. Discuss each paper (in no more than 200 words each) reporting:(2) What is the scope of the research (i.e., what is the paper is about?).(3) What are the key findings of the study (what did the study discover?(4) the significance of these findings for education practice (so what?).Try to balance all 8-peer reviewed article, focusing on different area of the topic.3-4 Article talking about the barriers EAL students face in mainstream English.4-5 Articles, talking about the ways teacher could facilitate their learning.

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