67005 – ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTto identify any one of the organization

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ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTto identify any one of the organization (excluding Government Firms) in the Kingdom of Bahrain then find out the problem in the governance area and prepare a detailed report while suggesting your ideas for the improvement. The report to be arranged as given below chaptersChapter 1-Interpret the Role of the Senior Executives / Board on the basis of below criteria (Complete records are given with full documentation)- Introduction to the organization- Organization structure- Role and responsibilities of Board of DirectorsChapter 2-Analyze the Performance & Remuneration of Directors and Senior Executives of the organization on the basis of the below criteria (Issues related to (Analyze the Performance & Remuneration of Directors) the environmental scanning with problems appropriately given and tools of analysis to diagnose the issues and problems)- Conflict of Interest- Code of Conduct- Evaluation of Board Performance- Remuneration of DirectorsChapter 3-Prepare a report on the Audit Function of the organization on the basis of- External Auditors- Internal Control- Whistle Blowing PolicyChapter 4-Evaluate the Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Other Stakeholders on the basis (Knowledge of issues related to suggested changes in the investment pattern, includes details and relevant data and information; extremely well-organized)- Corporate Governance Practice- Recommend measures of improvement- ConclusionRemarks important to put into consideration:? Apply in-depth understanding of the governance and ethical standards and realize their applications to actual work scenario? Analyze cases by applying the principles of good governance and ethical standards to corporate and managerial problems? Present good managerial action in dealing with corporate governance and ethical behavior in relation to business activities.? Demonstrate outcomes of develop an awareness of the importance of applying good governance and proper ethics

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