67337 – You will need at least six (6) peer-reviewed sources,

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Assignment Details:
You will need at least six (6) peer-reviewed sources, plus as many as necessary to support your position in each area (I.e., no personal opinions, but support your statements).Provide an overview of human resource (HR) management covering all of the following areas on your paper:1. Managing Employees For Competitive Advantage2. HR Challengesa. Manage Organizational Demands and Environmental Influencesb. Manage Regulatory Issues3. Work Design and Workforce Planninga. Manage Job Design and Job Analysisb. Workforce Planning4. Managing Employee Competenciesa. Recruitmentb. Selection5. Managing Employee Competencea. Managing Employees’ Trainingb. Managing Employees’ Development6. Managing Employee Attitudes and Behaviorsa. Managing Employees’ Performanceb. Managing Employee Compensationc. Managing Employees’ Incentives and Rewardsd. Managing Employee Benefits and Safety Programs7. Managing Labor Unions and Lawsa. Brief History of Labor Unions in the United Statesb. Government Regulation of Labor Unionsc. Types of Unionsd. The Union-Organizing processe. Collective Bargainingf. The Grievance Processg. The NLRB’s Role in Unfair Labor Practicesh. Decertificationi. Corporate Campaignj. Public Sector Labor Relationsk. Trends in Labor Relations8. Creating High-Performing HR Systemsa. Principles of High-Performing HR Systemsb. Managing the Employment Portfolioc. Evaluating Your HR System: The HR Scorecardd. Building Your Own High-Performing Organization

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