67477 – Length: 1500 wordsAPA 7 Referencing ( reference form

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Length: 1500 wordsAPA 7 Referencing ( reference form Australian government website and journal articles not old than 10 year)Assessment descriptionYou are required to develop a health promotion program proposal which align with the key action areas/strategies identified in the Ottawa Charter.Strategies identified in the Ottawa charterBuild heath public policyCreate Supportive EnvironmentStrengthen Community ActionDevelop Personal SkillsReoriented health serviceTask instructionsSelect ONE (1) of the specific topic of the following choices and present the proposal to your organization.• Homelessness• Unemployment• Social Exclusion• Family relationships (family, domestic and sexual violence)The following components should be included in your proposal1. Introduction: include the title, the presenter’s name and the topic2. Background: give background information on your topic and your target group3. Needs: identify the issues that might affect your target group’s physical, mental or social wellbeing4. Aim: provide a statement to describe your proposal aim5. Implementation: develop strategies to address identified issues using the five key action areas/strategies for health promotion and discuss how to implement the strategies6. Benefits and Risks: discuss how these strategies can improve or potentially harm your target group’s physical, mental or social wellbeing7. Timeline: describe the timeline of your proposal8. Reference list: provide a reference list slide at the end of your presentationPlease NoteDiscuss how your proposal aligns with the action areas/strategies for health promotion identified in the Ottawa CharterUse literature to support your discussion of the proposal (e.g. journal articles, textbooks, research publications and official websites)Assignment Outcome:Critically review the interrelation between global and national primary health care frameworks and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and their implications for nursing practice and healthcare delivery in communities, for different populations across the lifespanCritically examine the role of Australian communities in the development of health strategies, in relation to the component of the WHO primary health care definition of empowering people to optimise their health as policy advocates and co-developers of health servicesMarking Reubric

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