67490 – Assignments for Internal Assessment 251.372Assignment

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Assignment Details:
Assignments for Internal Assessment 251.372Assignment 1: Case StudyFormat:Technical reportValue:30%Due date:7 SeptemberWord guide:3000 word maximumPurpose: The purpose of this assignment is to complete a practical occupational hygiene assessment of a process in a workplace.Learning Outcomes being assessed:• Demonstrate an understanding of the key principles and basic concepts of occupational hygiene practice• Have an understanding of how occupational hygiene surveys are undertaken and the principles of exposure assessment_________________________________________________________________________This assignment is a case study covering the principles of the recognition and evaluation phases of an occupational hygiene study of a workplace. It consists of two phases:Part A – Materials and process inventoryConduct an occupational hygiene survey of a process or operation you are either familiar with or have access to. Construct a materials and process inventory. Identify and comment on the actual and potential exposures in that process or operation, and the potential health hazards.Part B – Evaluation strategyOutline an evaluation strategy for the health hazards identified to determine whether exposure is excessive.You should refer to the guidance provided in the Study guide, particularly Unit 1 and 2. Further guidelines for the assignment are given on Stream, on the Assessment page.Format:The report should be structured as follows:• Title page (including the course name and number, the assignment name and number, your name and student ID, and word count)• Contents page• Introduction, including the aims of the report• Description of the organisation/process/staff etc.• Part A – Materials and Process Inventory- Actual or potential exposures- Walk-through survey- Potential health hazards• Part B – Evaluation Strategy• Discussion or Conclusion• References• AppendicesReference any technical information you have used for identification and evaluation of hazards, or attach as appendices to your report.Length:A maximum of 3,000 words for the body of the report. This specifically excludes the title page, table of contents, references and appendices.

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