67536 – Chapter 8, 9 and 10 to be completed on the attached MYOB

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Chapter 8, 9 and 10 to be completed on the attached MYOB file. Also refer assessment 4 and see the details and what is required to be done.Please create each myob file after completing each chapter.CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONIntegration brings together what you have learned in the Accounts, Banking, Sales, Purchases and Inventory modules, with a few new transactions and areas you havent visited before. The Payroll and Time Billing modules are treated more as standalone modules because they take time to set up and are therefore not be included in this integration chapter.In these exercises you will be expected to start to think like the accountant or bookkeeper that you aim to be, so instructions will be kept to a minimum and most transactions will be narrations only. You will be processing transactions for Carry on Camping that intertwine with the transactions covered in the previous chapter on inventory. End of year adjustments can be marked as such so that they can be identified easily and reversed. However the adjustments we do are all the normal end of period type adjustments, therefore we will not use this feature. A business activity statement will be prepared and the Business Insights feature checked out.CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONTransactionsNote: The base selling price (computer generated price) is to be used unless an alternative price isgiven. All prices are GST exclusive unless otherwise stated.1/06/201/06/20 Sent cheque #184 for $6,252.00 to Ozzie Trailblazers in payment of amounts owing to them for April and May, less prompt payment discount where applicable.Purchase order sent to a new supplier Coleman Distributors Pty Ltd of 72 RichmondRd, Keswick SA 5035 (ABN 33 209 991000) for the following new inventory items on terms of net 30 days:Item # Name Qty Type Cost Price Selling PriceAIRBDQBGSBBT Coleman Qui ckbed QueenBig Game Sleeping Bag Big& Tall 2020 Sleeping EquipSleeping Equip $43.00$65.00 $73.00$109.00Minimum level for restocking alert and default recorder quantity is 10 for both ite ms.2/06/202/06/202/06/204/06/204/06/205/06/205/06/20 Cash sale of 1 x OZSW3 @ $130.00 and 1 x ENCF14 @ $695.00 both prices include GST. The customer paid by EFTPOS directly into our bankaccount.Paid Commercial Realty the amount to them with cheque #185.Transferred (electronically) $5,000.00 from the investment account to the cheque account.Received invoice #435/6 from Commercial Realty for the June rent. Total amount payable is $3,300.00 including GST.Received an order (PO #769) from Kangaroo Camping Gear of 16 Ocean Drive,Geraldton WA 6530 for 2 x OZHlK2, 1 x GMFEN5, 1 x OZSUN6, 5 x AIRBDQ 2 x BKWSBS, 3 x BGSBBT, 1 x OZSTV2 and 1 x OZSTV3 to be delivered as soon as possible. Standard credit terms apply. Create a sales order because some of the items are not currently available.Received all the goods ordered (PO #2019) from Coleman Distributors Pty Ltd together with their invoice #10978 for $2,486.00 which includes a freight charge of $100.00. Prices are as quoted.Received and paid the telephone bill from Telstra for $592.70 including GST with cheque #186.5/06/208/06/209/06/2010/06/2011/06/2012/06/2015/06/2016/06/2016/06/2017/06/20 Cheque #187 drawn in the amount of $2,998.00 was cashed to pay net wages of $2,198.00 (Gross $2,508.00, PAYGWithholding $310.00) and drawings of $800.00.The goods ordered by Kangaroo Camping Gear were sent to them today, together with our invoice for $2,806.10 which includes a freight charge of $150.00.Received a cheque for $4,000.00 from Woodbridge Primary School in part payment of the amount owing bythem. The cheque has not yet been banked.Check the To Do List Stock Alert to see which items we need to order from Ozzie Trailblazers and Airtex Group, and create purchase orders to be sent to them for the default reorderquantities.Received a cheque from Police Supply Dept for $2,486.00 in payment of May invoices. The cheque has not yet been banked.Purchase order sent to Gem Generators, 75 Foster St, Geelong VIC 3220 for 5 x Promac 2000W generators (code for new item PROGEN) @ $845.00 each. Their terms are net 30 days. The generators will sell for $1,350.00 each. Link to other sales and cost of sales. Minimum level for restocking alert and default reorder quantity is 5 for this item. Do not change tax code.Cash sale of 1 x OZSTV2 @ $95.00 including GST. The customer paid with cash which has not yet been banked (use [Details] to select Undeposited Funds).Credit sale to Police Supply Dept (PO #113927) of 5 x BKWSBS and 5 x BGSBBT. This isa new sale, not the supply of goods ordered 22/06/20.Purchased some postage stamps from Australia Post for $100.00 including GST. these were paid from petty cash.Deposited $6,486.00 in the bank. The $95 cash was used reimburse petty cash.CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONFIGURE 8.1 — Bank and Deposit Adjustments18/06/2018/06/2019/06/2019/06/2019/06/2020/06/2022/06/2022/06/2023/06/2024/06/2025/06/2025/06/2025/06/2026/06/2026/06/2029/06/2029/06/20 Received the 10 airbeds @ $18 each ordered from Airtex (PO #2022) together with their invoice #729 for $220.00 including a freight charge of $20.00. Edit the card for this supplier to indude their address: 77 McCoy Street, Myaree, WA 6156, their phone number: 9310 2289, theirABN: 29 376 110 333, and their terms: net 10 days.Received 3 of the Promac generators ordered from Gem Generators on our purchase order #2024, the remainder of the order will be delivered as soon as possible. Record the receipt of these inventory items together with delivery docket #5562. Their ABN is 32 620 159 990.Credit sale to Scout Shop (PO #631) of 6 x OZHlK2 @ $114.00 each, 1 x PROGEN @ $1,350.00 and 1 x GMFEN5 @ $725.00.Cheque #188 drawn to pay net wages of $2,198.00 (Gross $2,508.00, PAYG Withholding $310.00).Received all the items ordered from Ozzie Trailblazers on purchase order #2023, together with their invoice #27524 for $957.00 including a freight charge of $50.00. The price of the OZtrail 2 Burner stove increased to $54.00 each.Cash sale of 2 HP Specials @$470 each incl. GST. The customer paid by EFTPOS.Invoice Scout Shop for repairs to 2 tents (PO #633). The total cost is $220.00 includingGST.Received and banked a cheque for $2,217.40 from Kal barri General Store.Received the bill from Gem Generators (Invoice #5562) for the items received on 18/06/20, for $2,920.50 including $120.00 freight. Check the quantities when you convert this to a bill because you only received 3, some are on backorder.Sent cheque #189 to Engel Aust Pty Ltd in payment of the amount owing to them for the invoice dated 18/06/20. Check the discount calculation because a return was applied against this invoice.Scout Shop returned 1 x OZHlK2 from their PO #631 and our invoice #2234 because someone misread a figure on the order and one more than they actually ordered was delivered. Issue an adjustment note.Credit sale to Kangaroo Camping Gear (PO #773) of 6 x OZtrail Cabin tents. The customer was given a volume discount of 5% on this order, and a freight charge of $80 was added. This sale will exceed the credit limit given to them. Allow the sale to proceed because they have promised to EFT $5,000 into our account tomorrow. Increase the credit limit on their card to $15,000.Received and banked a cheque for $3, 762.66 from Adventure Tou rs.Received the electricity bill from Synergy for $634.50 including GST, which the owner paid immediately with his Visa credit card.Received adjustment note #733 for $39.60 from Airtex Group for 2 faulty single airbeds returned to them.Received and banked a cheque for $5,591.02 from Scout Shop. Check the discount calculations and availability.Received notification that Outback Touring Company has gone into liquidation.CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONCHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONWrite the amount owing off as a bad debt using the allowance method and the miscellaneous layout. This is an internal adjustment and no invoice will be sent to the customer. Record the transaction and then apply the credit against the amount29/06/2030/06/2030/06/2030/06/20 30/06/20 The owner wrote cash cheque #190 for $1,000.00 to reimburse petty cash with $5.00; the balance is for his own personal use.Cheque #191 was used to purchase a new executive office desk from Morgan Office Furniture for the owner less the trade in of his old desk. The new desk cost $2,200 and he received cash back of $150 for the old desk. Both prioes indude GST. Use the Banking Command Centre to record the purchase and sale of these assets. The cash has put into petty cash. The old desk cost $500 and had a written down value of $90 at the time of sale.Received a bill from the Caltex Service Station, 610 Olga Road, Maddington, WA 6109 for fuel purchases for the motor vehide during May and June. Total amount due on invoice 1009 is $728.60 including GST. The ABN for this new supplier is 88 000 114 626 and the terms are net 10 days. Use the service layoutforthe supplier.Record the build of 2 HP Specials.The owner transferred $6,000 electronically from the cheque account to theinvestment account.Additional Information1/06/20• Reverse $1,254.00 wages accrued at the end of May.30/06/20• A physical stock count at 30/06/20 found that there was one AIRBDI and one OZHP65 missing and the BKWSBS missing in the previous stocktake has been found.• Record the interest charges (FRE) for the period on the business loan account of $125.65.• Transfer the following pre paid expenses to their respective expe nse accounts for the period.• Prepaid Insurance $445.00• Pre paid Advertising $600.00.• Record wages accrued at the end of June of $1,635.00• Record superannuation payable on wages for June of $238.26. Adj ust the provision for doubtful debts to $643.00.Use RecurringCHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONTo record the general journal entry for depreciation for the month use the [Record Journal Entry] and click [Use Recurring], highlight the entry to be recorded and click [Select]. The journal entry will display. There are no changes required to the amount of $598.89 shown in the journal entry, so click [Record].FIGURE 8.3 — Use recurring journal entryBank Reconciliations• Prepare end of month bank reconciliations for both these accounts.INVESTMENT ACCOUNT BANK STATEMENT (ASAT 30/06/2020)Date Particulars Debit Credit Balance1/06/202/06/20 30/06/2030/06/20 Opening BalanceTra nsferTransferI nterest 5,000.00 6,000.0031.91 15,042.19 Cr10,042.19 Cr16,074.10 CrTABLE 8.1 — Investment account bank statementUse Bank Entry to record the interest earned on the investmentaccount. Tax code is ITS.CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONCHEQUE ACCOUNT BANK STATEMENT (AS AT 30/06/2020)Date Pa rticulars Debit Credit Balance1/06/202/06/205/06/20 8/06/2015/06/2017/06/2019/06/2022/06/2025/06/2026/06/2029/06/2030/06/20 Openi ng BalanceCheque #181DepositDepositTra nsferCheque #184 Cheque #187DepositCheque #185Cheque #186Loan repaymentDepositCheque #188 DepositDepositDepositKa nga roo Ca mpi ngDepositDepositCheque #189 Cheque #190Tra nsferBank Fees 396.006,252.002,998.003,300.00592.70600.002,198.003,135.001,000.006,000.0010.00 250.00825.005,000.00660.006,486.00940.002,217.403,762.665,000.00470.005,591.02 7,907.40 Cr7,761.40 Cr13,586.40 Cr4,336.40 Cr1,103.70 Cr503.70 Cr6,989.70 Cr4,791.70 Cr7,949.10 Cr11,711.76Cr16,711.76 Cr18,637.78 Cr12,627.78 CrTABLE 8.2 — Cheque account bank statementReportsDisplay the following reports for June.Banking— Cheques and Deposits —Reconciliation Report (All accounts)GST — GST Reports — GST [Summary— Accrual]Sales — Receivables —Aged Receivables [Summary] Sales —Customer —Analyse Sales [Customer]Purchases— Payables —Aged Payables [Summary]Purchases—Supplier—Purchases [Supplier Summary] Inventory—ltems — Items List [Summary]Inventory- Items—Auto-Build ItemsAccounts— Balance Sheet— Balance Sheet (Filter to Level 3)Accounts— Profit & Loss — Profit & Loss Statement (1/07/19 to 30/06/20)Accounts— Accounts— Trial BalanceCarry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayReconciliation Report Maddington WA 6109ABN: 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@ijnet.net.auWithdrawalAccount: I •11 XO Business Cheque AccountDate Ot Bank Statement: 30/06/2020Last Reconciled: 30/06/2020Last Reconciled Balance: $12,627.78Reconciled Cheques281 22/05/2020 Airto Grouo S-39éSJO1/06/2020 Ozz;e186187188189190 -300620 TR000003 2/06/20203/06/2020 5/06/2020 i 5/06/2020 19/06/202024/06/202029/06/202030/06/202030/06/2020 Commerciå Retty restra CashBank LoanCashAust Pty LtdCash rees for JuneMoney 3ransfer $3,300.00$592.7052998.005600.00$2,198.00$3,133.00Si.OOD,OO 310.006.00000Tcta;: so. N $26*61.70Reconciled Deposits1/06/2020 cash Sajes for 00002224 szsoco2/06/2020 cash Sales for 000222312/002020 Money $500,300CRD00013 6106/2020 Cash Sates for 03002226 s€eooCROOOOi9 Bank Oeoosit 56,486-00CR000020 20/06/2020 cash Sales N00223éCR000021 22/%/2020 Kalbart± Genera} Store 92,227.40CROOC022CR00002ß CR0000*4 CRD0002S 25/06/202026/06/202029/06/202029/06/2020 Payment; Adventure Tours Payment: Kargaroo Gear cash sales for &3002229Scout Shooss.59%.02202.08 $100Outstanding Cheques 30/06/2020 Mötgan Offce FurrituteReconci•tion: AccountRight Balance On 30/06/2020:Add: Ct.eques: $10,427.78330.00Deacct.• Outstand ro Oe0%t5: $12,627.78-lance Statemert: $12,627.78Account; 1-1120 Investment AccountDate Of Bank Statement: 30/06/2020 Last Reconciled: 30/06/2020Last Reconciled Balance: $16,074.10Reconciled ChequesTR000002 2/06/2020 Money Trensfer ss.ooo.ooTotat•. 5,000.00Reconciled Deposits.E30ü€20TROOC003 30/06,2020 interest for Jace30/06/2020 MoneyTotal: $6,231-s: 50.00Reconcifiat.n•. AccountRight Baarce On 30/06/2020:Add: Outstare ng frequ€s: $16,074.10 so.ooCHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATION 233FIGURE 84-. Reconciliation ReportsCarry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayG ST [Summary – Accrual] Maddington WA 6109June 2020 ABN: 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auTax Collected Tax Paid$2,200.00 -00.00CST Free coo % 5235.65CST Goods & Services 10.00 % 530,951.08 537.50220 52,813.74 53,409.29Input Taxed Sales S31.S:Not RepottäöleFIGURE 8.5 – GST [Summary Accrual]Carry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayAged Receivables [Summary] Maddington WA 6109As of 30/06/2020 ABU: 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auName Total Due 0-30 31 -60 61 -90 90+Adventure Tours s€l.€o so.oo $0.00 so.oo Kangaroo Cemoing Gear so,oo so.ooPotice Suppiy Dept sg,222.so 59,222.50 $0.00 $0.00 50.00Wooer d e Prima Sci-oti 308. so so.oo Total: 520, 82540 SO,oo so.ooAgeing Percent: 11.1%CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONFIGURE 86-. Aged Receivables [Summary]Carry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayAnalyse Sales [Customer] Maddington WA 6109June 2020 ABU: 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auSales % Total SalesAdventure Tours 53,426.60Cash Saves45.9%FIGURE 8.7— Analyse Sales [Customer]Note: The columns in both these reports have been widened to improve theirappearance.Carry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayAged Payables [Summary] Maddington WA 6109As of 30/06/2020 62 099 854 074Email: carryconc@iinet.net.auTotal Due31 -60 61Airtex GroupscooCaltex Service Station 5723.60 5723.60 so.oo so.ooColeman Distributors Pty Ltd 52,486.00 S2,48E.OO so.oo sonoCommerc;af Resty 53,300.00 so.oo sonGarmir & Co Australia so.oo so.ooGem Generztors sox so.oo so.co50.00FIGURE 8.8 — Aged Payables [Summary]Carry on Camping1800 Albany HighwayPurchases [Supplier Summary] Maddington WA 6109June 2020 ABU: 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auAirtex GroupCaltex Service StationColeman Distributors Pty LtdCommercial RealtyGem GeneratorsCHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATION 235FIGURE 89-. Purchases [Supplier Summary]Carry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayItem List [Summary] Maddington WA 610962 099 854 074Emeil: carryonc@iinet.net.auColeman Quick-bed Queen ses.ooAIRES Air Bed sing)e Airtex Group 8 $144.00BGSSBT 3ig Game Sleep Bag SiS & W Coæman Distr;butrs Pty Ltd $78&00 s€s.ooEK%VSBS 3Bck Wolf steeping singte3 $240.00 snoo sumoENCFß Ergei 14t chest fridge Aust Pty Ltd 3ENFF32 Enge 32!t Ltd s 52,900.00 ssnoo SESOO GMFENS Gam-tin Ferix S GPS Watch Germin & Co Austra}iE 3 S.no.oo ssoo.oo 5725.00HP Special Hikers Pack 4 S302.S7 ozcA3N OZtzi cabin Ozzie Traidazers 5 ss,socoo s.,zoo.ooOZHX2 OZtralZ Hiker 2 person tent Ozzre Traiibaze•Æ 5450.00 sucooOZHPE Hike Peck EL Ozzie Traii&azers SEO.oo ozsrvz OZt&ii Burner stove Ozzie 6 5320.62 55344 OZSTV3 OZtrali Deluxe 3 burner stove Ozzje Trai•azers 8 $640.00 sn.ooOZSUN€ OZtraj; Sundowner E pers. tent Ozzie TraidazersOZSWCF OZtraii Swit Pitch tent Ozzie 3 5180.00 SECCOGrand Totai: 520,011.30PROGEN Ptomac 2CCCW generator Gem Generators 2FIGURE 8.10-Items List [Summary]Carry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayAuto-Build Items Maddington WA 610962 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auQuantity to build: I HP Special Hikers PackOZSWIF OZtröi Swit Pite tent 1 sso.oo 3 BKWS3S Black WOif sleeping sirg!e 1 snoo 3 ozsrv2 OZtraj; Z Burner stove 1 OZHPé5 OZtt&i Hike Pack EL 1CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONFIGURE 8.11 -Auto-Build ItemsCarry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayBalance Sheet Maddington WA 6109As of June 2020 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auAssetsCurrent Assets3ank Accounts 526.75188193.90-36.00$17,337.23Tots Assets $6,908.31LiabilitiesCurrent LiabiütiesCredit Cards 51.00432 CST -$1,375.55Net Assets S42EIS.4gEquityOwners Capita!Owners DewingsCurrent Year Earnings -3,223.00-$27,659.00FIGURE 8.12 -Balance Sheet (Level 3)Carry on Campinq1800 Albany HighwayProfit & Loss Statement Maddington WA 6109July 2019 To June 2020 ABU: 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auIncomeSales Tents $138,345.27Ses Sleeping Equipment $21,727,-Sales Kitchen EquipmentSales Other $65,311.82Sep/ce Income Freight IncomeDiscount Received $668.00Tot3 Income 52863503.96Cost Of SatesCost Of Sae TentsCost of Sales Sleepirg EquipCost of Sales Kitchen EquipCost of Sales OtherFreight CostsDEscount AiowedInventory Adjustments $53,225.00$12,921.00$29,585.00$33,927.50$1,430.00$2.00Total Cost Cf Sa;es sas.66Gross ProfitGenera; ExpensesAccounting/300keeping FeesAdvertising & MarketingBark Fees 522000 Bad Debts $2 81482Qctocity Expenses $2,351.82General Repa;rs & Maintenance $1,160.00Postage Station 597.095,599.525245.41$138 003.62Operatmg Prof.Other IncomeInterest Income $74.10Profit on sale of assetTotal Other IncomeOther ExpensesInterest Ex enseTots Other Expenses $125.65CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONFIGURE 8.13 — Profit & Loss StatementCarry on Camping1800 Albany HighwayTrial Balance Maddington WA 6109June 2020 ABU: 62 099 854 074Email: carryonc@iinet.net.auYTD Debitinvestment Account Petty On H•nd s:so.aoAccounts ReceiÆbELess Prcvn for Doubtful Debts S353.oo 5643.00Inventory $20,011.50Advertising S3,ooaooPrepac InsuranceFurniture & Ec;ufgmetrt At CostAccum, Dept. Fum & Equip 505.00 improvements At Cost ss„oozooDept, Imorcvements sz,w.ooMotor At CostAccum. Depr, Motor Vehicies S37€.S9VsaGST Coliected SE,E7.74CST SZZ13.29PAYC Withholding SUE0.ooSuperannuation 73/3b;eWages & Sz.Ües Psy•bJe *€35.00Accounts Payab;e 523,433.00 537,467.30Eustess Loan S13,32S.E Owners Capita s:s.zzs.ooOw•rers 51,793.00Saks Tents sees Sleep;ng EquipmentEquipment %646.3ESales Other 54031.82Service Income 53 400.00Freight Income *€10.00Discount ReceivednotCost Of SEE Tents 553,223.0-7Cost cf SEES Szeeo;ng EquipCut cf SEES Kitcnen EquipCost cf SEB Other E 752.so 333,927.50Freight CostsDiscount s-.42.25Inventory AdjustmentsFeesAdvertising s€oo.%Bank Fees s:o.ooDeots *799.32 *814.82Electricity Expenses 32,331.82ExpensesS3,OOOZ g€.onooGene & so.ooPost•ge Stationery 5797.09Wages Saæries Expenses 55.3972Suoeennuaticn 523326 $5,599.32 Staf Amenities so.ooDepreciEtjon Expenses 5437.78 Expenses SE62,3€ 54,362.36Expenses:nterest IncomeProft on we cf esset :ttetest Expense tow:238 CHAPTER 8 – INTEGRATIONFIGURE 8.14 -Trial Balance

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