67604 – Textbook ListKimball, R. (2008). The data warehouse lifecycle

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Textbook ListKimball, R. (2008). The data warehouse lifecycle toolkit. . John Wiley & Sons. . ISBN: 978-0470149775.Vaisman, A., & Zimányi, E.. (2014). Data Warehouse Systems: Design and Implementation. . Springer. . ISBN: 978-3-642-54654.Kimball, R., & Ross, M. (2011). The data warehouse toolkit: the complete guide to dimensional modeling.. . John Wiley & Sons. . ISBN: 978-1118082140.Personal Assignment 1Review Questions1. Explain the process of data warehousing2. Describe the main components of a data warehouse3. Identify the role of the middleware device4. What are the basic similarities and differences between two-tier architecture and three-tier architecture?5. How is the design of a web-based data warehouse affected?6. Discuss alternative data warehousing architectures discussed in this section.7. What issues should be considered when deciding which architecture to use in developing a data warehouse? Describe the 10 most important factors.8. Which data warehouse architecture is the best? Why?

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