67626 – Assessment 3Assessment Type: Computer assignment — analysis

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Assignment Details:
Assessment 3Assessment Type: Computer assignment — analysis and 1,500 + 10% word report — individual assessment.Purpose: To allow students to demonstrate an understanding of statistical analysis and the ability to summarise and manipulate sample data, make basic statistical inferences and interpret the results in a business context. This assessment contributes to learning outcome a, b, c and d.Value: 25% (Preparation quizzes 5% and Word file, Excel file 20%)Due Date: 5:00 pm Friday of Week 10Submission: Preparatory Quizzes — access and submit via Moodle links. An excel file with a unique dataset and summaries of the dataset. A word file with answers to questions about the summaries of the dataset and questions about some videos that discuss why statistics is useful.Task Details: Each individual student will be provided with their own unique dataset and they will have to summarize the dataset using PivotTable and Scatterplot command using Microsoft Excel.Students will also download questions about their summaries from Moodle, students will have to comment on the summaries and use the summaries to find confidence intervals and perform hypothesis tests. Students will also watch videos discussing why summarizing datasets is useful in business and briefly describe the content of the video.Preparatory Quizzes: Before you start summarizing your dataset, you need to do the Preparatory Quizzes to ensure you are familiar with the concepts and techniques involved. You may attempt the Quizzes as many times as you like — each new attempt will overwrite the previous attempt. Only the last attempts will be marked.Marking Guide: Preparatory Quizzes: worth a total 5% of the final grade — individual marks will be identified with each quiz in Moodle. Discussion of a sample repot worth 20% of the final grade. The marking rubric is given on the next page.Marking Rubric Assessment 3: Computer assignment 25%Criteria Fail(0 – 49%) Pass(50 – 64%) Credit(65 — 74%) Distinction(75 – 84%) High Distinction (85 – 100%)Discuss videos explaining why it is useful to summarize datasets in businessalue 10% No real discussion of e content of thedeos Sone reasonable discussion of the content of the videos Good discussion of the content the videos but no real discussion of why statistics is useful in business A Good discussion of the content of the videos induding a discussion of why statistics is useful in business Excellent discussion of the ntent of the videos including detailed discussion of why tatistical techniques are useful in businessPresentation and use of sample dataalue 30% Provide irrelevant or inaccurate numerical summaries and usesummaries inappropriately in he discussion Some parts of numerical summaries are accurate and use proper numbers and heory in the discussion of usage Most parts of numerical summaries are accurate and ood selection of numbers and theory in the discussion f usage Very minor error in numerical summaries and use appropriate numbers and theory in the discussion of usage ummaries and have xcellent knowledge of heory in the discussion of usage of the ummaries.pplication of basic statistical inferences and interpretation of the results in a business contextalue Inability to apply inferential statistics appropriately in a business situation and make completely irrelevant decision poor attempt at providing relevant statistical inference appropriate summaries and inferential statistics however the ppropriate discussion is missing Soundly justified conclusion drawn and use of proper inferential statistics to solve a business problem pplied the most ppropriate inferential tatistics for a business ituation and make an xcellent decision with orrect justificationUse of statistical software packages for data analysis Not much idea or many serious mistakes made in using statistical software Mistakes made such as in inding sums of categorical ariables Minor mistakes such as not understanding that when a omputer is using a percentage format entering0.07 will be interpreted as 0.07% Almost no mistake made when using software for data analysis Excellent use of statistical software for data analysispplication of skills identifying problems and solution strategiesalue 10% forNo skills displayed Some minor demonstration of skillsskills Some demonstration of the Extensive demonstration of the skills ery extensive emonstration of the skillsPresentation skills (Assignment design and use of written communication)alue 10% Poor articulation of solving a business problem cceptable presentation, obvious errors in demonstration and lack of attention to details Good presentation and esign overall but a few rrors Professional presentation and design with no or very minor error in some elements Highly professional presentation and design, atisfies all presentation lements to a standard nd able to be offered to a reputable academic publicationotal Mark:100% COMMENTS:BUS105 BUSINESS STATISTICS T221 14/07/2021 12:04 PAGE 10 OF 13*AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT PTY LTD O ABN: 72 132 629 979 CRICOS 03171AApproved by KOI Academic Board for T2 2021

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