67672 – Assessment Topic: Analysis of an Operating System scenario,

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Assignment Details:
Assessment Topic: Analysis of an Operating System scenario, Computer Organisation and Architecture ReportTask Details: Write a report regarding LOADING and LINKING and expand on the justifications given in chapter seven’s Appendix (7A) of the coursebook.Coursebook: Stallings, W. (2018). Operating System: internals and design principles. 9th ed. Essex: Pearson Education Limited.• You should use other resources like internet resources, books, journals and conferences.• Your report should be clearly structured.• Prepare a brief presentation of your report, and present it to the rest of the class.• You must provide references and cite the resources that you consulted for this assignment.• Harvard referencing is the required method. (APA is acceptable)ICT201: Assessment 4Compiled by: Ali NooriT2 2021

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