69276 – Approaches to Media Essay Topic:The past few years have

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Approaches to Media Essay Topic:The past few years have seen media move from relatively straight-forward models of communication to an infinitely more complex network that is dependent on economic, political, social and ideological factors. Choose a text (a single film, website, TV episode, news article, an advertisement, or an animation) based on:- The representation of race or ethnicityNow, use medium theory orto examine how the event/theme has been framed for our consumption. Is it a positive or negative portrayal? Is it nihilistic or offering a solution to an existing situation? How might this media text shape society?You need at least 10 academic references and at least 1 of these must come from the relevant week.References that need to be usedTeun van Dijk (1993), ‘Media Discourse’ in Elite discourse and racism, Newbury Park, Sage Publications, pp. 241-282.hooks, bell (2003) ‘The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators’ in A. Jones (ed.) The Feminism and Visual Culture Reader. New York: Routledge.

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