69343 – FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND SOCIETY Final mark awarded:_____Assessment

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FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND SOCIETYFinal mark awarded:_____Assessment Cover Sheet and Feedback Form 2020/21Module Code:LC4S180 Module Title:Commercial and Consumer Law(Commercial) Module Lecturer:Tayiba HussainAssessment Title and Tasks:Coursework Assessment No.1 of 2No. of pages submitted in total including this page:Completed by student Word Count of submission(if applicable): Completed by studentDate Set:October Submission Date:222nd November 2021 Return Date:20 working daysPart A: Record of Submission (to be completed by Student)Extenuating CircumstancesIf there are any exceptional circumstances that may have affected your ability to undertake or submit this assignment, make sure you contact the Advice Centre on your campus prior to your submission deadline.Fit to sit policy:The University operates a fit to sit policy whereby you, in submitting or presenting yourself for an assessment, are declaring that you are fit to sit the assessment. You cannot subsequently claim that your performance in this assessment was affected by extenuating factors.Plagiarism and Unfair Practice Declaration:By submitting this assessment, you declare that it is your own work and that the sources of information and material you have used (including the internet) have been fully identified and properly acknowledged as required . Additionally, the work presented has not been submitted for any other assessment. You also understand that the Faculty reserves the right to investigate allegations of plagiarism or unfair practice which, if proven, could result in a fail in this assessment and may affect your progress.Details of Submission:Note that all work handed in after the submission date and within 5 working days will be capped at 40% . No marks will be awarded if the assessment is submitted after the late submission date unless extenuating circumstances are applied for and accepted (Advice Shop to be consulted).You are required to acknowledge that you have read the above statements by writing your student number (s) in the box: Student Number(s):IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP A RECORD OF ALL WORK SUBMITTEDPart B: Marking and Assessment(to be completed by Module Lecturer)This assignment will be marked out of100%.This assignment contributes to 50% of the total module marks.The word limit for the assignment is 3,000 words.Footnotes and Bibliography will not be included in the word count but should not be abused.Assessment TaskAnswer the following question:Dobson and Stokes take the view that “usual authority is primarily a sub-division of actual, implied authority and thus emanates from, and enlarges the scope of, the actual authority which exists in its own right as an independent category of authority.”(Alan Paul Dobson, Robert Stokes “Commercial Law” 2012 page 432)Critically analyse and evaluate the above statement using case law and academic commentary in this area. To what extent if any does this statement hold true today.Learning Outcomes to be assessed(as specified in the validated module descriptor):1. To demonstrate a high level knowledge of the law relating to commercial and consumer law.2. To critically analyse, evaluate and apply laws relating to commercial and consumer law contracts.3. To assess the role and obligations of different governmental and non-governmental agencies in terms of commercial practice, trading standards and consumer protection.Grading Criteria:Please see School’s marking criteria for undergraduate/post graduate assessments on the module Blackboard site.

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