69590 – Agriculture, electricity production, forestry, business,

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Agriculture, electricity production, forestry, business, residential construction, transportation, and electricity production contribute to rising GHD emissions. Other causes include fossil fuels combustion in the transport sector, which generates greenhouse gases (Good, Kelly, and Jeanne, VanBriesen, 214). Heating and cooling homes using coal due to changing seasons. In addition, electricity generation processes involve burning coal and diesel, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions.The following ways are used to minimize the emission of greenhouse gas technical improvements that lead to the production of cleaner products. First, the government has imposed strict regulations on the energy and industrial sector. As a result, adopting cleaner and efficient pieces of equipment by industries reduced the emission of greenhouse gases in society. Second, society has been educated on the impacts of their choices regarding the location of industries. Third, an increase in recycling led to minimized disposal of waste products in the industry.

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