69749 – please select topic either chef or restaurant manager.

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Assignment Details:
please select topic either chef or restaurant manager. and please dont make it longer maximum 500 words.1. Write a report on your personal work goals.Your assessor will have provided you with feedback on your personal work goals at the meeting, and you will need to ensure that this is incorporated into your report.Use Personal Work Goals Report Template to guide you. Your report should be about one page, and should include the following:• An overview of the business that you have chosen, including the purpose of the business and where it is located.• Discuss the company’s goals or objectives.• Discuss the position description for the job role you are interested in. Explain why you are interested in the job role• Describe the key responsibilities of the job role.• Discuss the five personal work goals that you have identified for the position, including why these goals are relevant to the company’s strategic goals and plans and the job role• Discuss how these are suitable goals for a 12-month period.Submit your Personal Work Goals Report to your assessor.2. Write a work priorities planning report.• Research technology and tools that managers can use to manage their work priorities. You should research at least three of these.• Research the impact of workplace stress, as well as strategies to address this. Make notes on at least 5 impacts of workplace stress and five strategies to address them.• Using the information that you found conducting research, write a short report on personal and work planning.Use the Work Priorities Planning Report Template to guide your work.3. Write a report on your current work-life balance.Think about your current work/life balance and your health.Take notes on how you currently maintain these and whether you want to make changes to the way you manage them.Write a short (about one page) report on your work/life balance over your last two days.For each day, start with the time you woke up, how long you took over breakfast and your morning routine, how you spent the morning, your lunch break, the afternoon and your evening. Describe what you did in your free time and what stress-reduction techniques you used while working. Calculate how much time you spent working and how long you spent doing activities that benefit your health and well-being.Save this document as Work/life Balance Report.4. Write a weekly schedule.Using one of the tools you have researched, take the list of typical tasks set out in Communications Manager Tasks, and prepare a schedule for a typical week incorporating all of tasks included in the list.Factor in at least 30 minutes a day for relaxation to ensure a work-life balance. This can be any activity you choose.Take a screen shot of the weekly plan.5. Send an email to your assessor.The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachments and ask for a time and date of their meeting.Attach the following to your email:• Personal Work Goals Report• Work/life balance report• Work priorities planning report• Weekly schedule screen shot

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