A Project Opportunity Brief

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Appendix AA Project Opportunity Brief (Fictional)Maryborough, QLD Annual Air Show 2022ASSESSMENT STATEMENT AND DATEFor this assessment, a project opportunity is described. The opportunity is a fully fictional projectopportunity. This fictional opportunity will use fictional dates, some situations based on actualcommunities, and supplemented with other fictional data. This fictional opportunity allows you todemonstrate your project planning and early project preparation knowledge and skills. In addition, youwill demonstrate your ability to adjust and customize project management processes to meet businessneeds as stated in the brief.Simulated dates will use the format of **Weekday dd/MMM/yyyy**.For this Assessment 2 brief, you are simulating a 5-day timeframe from **Monday 16/Aug/2021 to Friday20/Aug/2021**.YOUR BACKGROUNDYou are an experienced independent Project Management Consultant coming from a background inresource extraction activities. Your career has been as a project professional and manager beginning inscheduling and cost management. As a Project Manager, you have managed major capital projects for newand existing resource projects. Your schedule and cost background lead you to being part of and managingseveral feasibility studies that select the best strategic option for a specific mining opportunity. You areflexible and adaptable with a broad professional network.You are a long-term resident of the Maryborough community. Annually, you volunteer for the annual airshow. You know many of the community volunteers as well as knowing the Board members of theMaryborough Aviation Group Enthusiasts (MAGE) who run the annual air show. As a volunteer, you jumpin and contribute where you are needed.For this Assessment 2, please conduct project planning activities for this Assessment 2 with currentCOVID-19 challenges and uncertainties. As of the fictional date of this brief **Monday 16/Aug/2021**,the annual air show for 2021 is a “go”.A PROJECT OPPORTUNITY in Year 2022 (Fictional)The community of Maryborough, Qld (i.e., a real community with fictional event, facilities, and opportunityat its airport) is located on the Fraser Coast. Each year, the community of Maryborough celebrates itsannual fly-in and small aviation show on the third weekend of September. For the year 2021, the showdays are **Saturday 18/Sep/2021 and Sunday 19/Sep/2021**. The Maryborough fly-in and airshow isvery similar to the Caboolture Airshow (See TAVAS Great War Flying Displays) at about one half theattendance. In addition to drive-in crowds, Maryborough Airport has the capability for large numbers ofpeople to fly-in, tie-down their planes, and camp under the wings. As a general guide, past Maryboroughairshow attractions are much like the Caboolture (TAVAS) annual airshow which occurs in April of eachyear.Currently, the MAGE Board is busy with preparing for their 2021 annual show. They are keen to deliver it.In addition, the MAGE Chair has come to you with a request for special paid services. The Chair advises ofa significant one-time only opportunity for the 2022 Maryborough Air Show.The opportunity is a world renown entertainer and associated band is planning an Australian tour in 2022.This entertainer is a close friend to member of the MAGE Board and has agreed to deliver 2 musical stageshows at the Maryborough Air Show 2022, one on **Saturday evening 17/Sep/2022** and one on late**Sunday afternoon / early evening 18/Sep/2022**. The entertainer is a keen private pilot and acceptsthat rural shows are run by volunteers who raise funds to maintain and run community events. In addition,the Fraser Coast Council is keen to expand tourism and has offered to guarantee the first 1175 tickets toinsure no financial loss to MAGE. The Fraser Coast Council anticipates added tourist value to the regioneven if the specific musical event does not meet its minimum “break-even” numbers.Further, the Maryborough airport and its associated small aviation museum need funds for maintenanceand updates.The MAGE Chair has developed an initial strategic proposal and very high-level business case based onAACE Class 5 costs and revenue incremental to all other costs and revenue of its annual air show. TheMAGE Chair estimates that the two airport runways can be utilized for the two musical shows bytemporarily closing the runways after flying events and using a mobile stage arrangement, fixed stands,and assigned seating. The two musical shows will require detailed scheduling, coordination, andmanagement to effectively and safely manage the attendees for the aviation show during the day thenfollowed by musical events. MAGE has the management skills to arrange and schedule the daytimeairshow attractions; however, MAGE does not have the resources and skills to effectively plan and deliverthe two musical entertainment events. The MAGE Chair wants to ensure seats are assigned and filled withlarge crowds, and all crowd security and safety is correctly managed. For example, some human resourceskills may require paid professionals rather than well-meaning volunteers.At a strategic level, the following MAGE high-level business case with AACE Class 5 estimates suggests thisopportunity should be further investigated and defined. The Chair’s initial estimate is as follows:Estimated Case:LowEstimateBestEstimateHighEstimateBreakevenTotal Attendance for 2 events: 1,000 1,400 2,000 1,172Maximum Available Seats per Event: 800 800 1,100 800REVENUEAvg ticket price: $100 $100 $100 100Total Revenue: $100,000 $140,000 $200,000 $117,200EXPENSES with firm future year quotationsMinimum temporary stands with 800 seats($38/seat): $30,400 $30,400 $30,400 30,400If High Attendance, additional temporarystands with 300 more seats to make 1100 totalseats ($30/seat):$0 $0 $9,000 0250 Portable Crowd Barriors (2m high by 2.4mlong) ($20/ea) $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 5,000Mobile/Towable Stage: $750 $750 $750 750Tractor to Tow Mobile Stage: (Donation) $0 $0 $0 0Lights & Sound: $6,000 $6,000 $7,000 6,000Fireworks: $20,000 $20,000 $32,000 20,000Labor for parking and crowd control(volunteers working 2 events, 50% on eachevent are given seats during prime showtime)$0 $0 $0 $0EXPENSES without firm quotes40% Contingency for Unknowns and Yet to BeDefined Such as ticketing, security,professional crowd control, etc.:$25,000 $25,000 $34,000 25,000TOTAL EXPENSE without entertainmentexpense:$87,150 $87,150 $118,150 $87,150PROFIT / (LOSS)Operational Profit Before EntertainmentExpense$12,850 $52,850 $81,850 $30,050Entertainer Expense: $30,000 $30,000 $45,000 30,000Profit for Organization: ($17,150) $22,850 $36,850 $50Based on the above information, the MAGE Chair has approached you with the specific request of:1. I need to hire you and along with a part time team of the correct SME’s.2. On behalf of the MAGE Board, I want your team to thoroughly evaluate this opportunity todetermine if the opportunity viable and appropriate. At this point in time, I think it is a greatopportunity to investigate further.3. Due to lack of definition at the start and the end, we should likely treat this as a multi-phaseiterative type project.4. If the entertainment opportunity is viable, I want to convince the full MAGE Board to pursue thetwo event deliveries. As appropriate, this may require contracting professionals in certain skill setsto work along with our volunteers.5. Now is **Monday 16/Aug/2021**. To get MAGE Board acceptance, we need to start withpreparing a viable feasibility/detailed assessment which includes an accurate and initial, butdetailed, project management plan (PMP) for the event in 2022. After MAGE Board approval, thenthe Maryborough City Council will also need to approve the plan.6. The initial PMP for the full event must be fully complete. It will need to appropriately expand thebusiness case, and it must show what MAGE volunteers can deliver and what special skills need tobe hired.7. Let’s target a presentation of the initial PMP to the MAGE Board on approximately **Monday18/Oct/2021**. This gives MAGE about one month after our 2021 annual air show to closeout andconduct lessons learned. It also gives us a much needed 11 month start on the 2022 annual airshow.8. I want to hire you to lead a small team for this first iterative phase. Please prepare a Charter foryour needs. As we are managing this effort as multi-phases of an iterative project, please focusyour Charter on the team that prepares the feasibility/detail assessment which includes an initialdetailed PMP which can gain MAGE Board approval and then Maryborough City Council approval.9. I will need to obtain Board approval of your charter’s costs.10. At later date and once we have better project definition and appropriate administrative approvals,we will prepare a new follow-up charter to deliver the events.11. In your charter, I want you to define everything that you will need including estimates of skills,number of persons, and any other needs. Include all costs needed by your part time team.12. By the end of this current working week of **Friday 20/Aug/2021**, please prepare a ProjectCharter to deliver this first phase (NOTE: This Charter for Assessment 2 Part A which is actuallydue on Wednesday 15/September/2021 11:59p.m.)13. In addition to the Project Charter that you prepare, please prepare an initial stakeholder list for thethe entire event and all its possible phases. Find/develop and use a stakeholder register templatethat you feel is appropriate. The stakeholder register shall be limited to only the first two stepsexplained in PMBOK Process “Identify Stakeholders” which is “perform identification” and “obtaininformation”. Scoring credits shall be lost if your stakeholder efforts progress into “conductclassification”, “analysis” and “planning”. (Student Note: This stakeholder register is yourAssessment 2 Part B which is due on Wednesday 15/September/2021 11:59p.m.)NOTES to StudentPrepare a project charter for this iterative phase which would be approved by the MAGE Board. TheCharter’s team will deliver a product that meets the needs of the MAGE Board and Maryborough CityCouncil. In your charter, clearly communicate your personal Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and the SME’sthat you wish to include on your team, and why they are needed. Over the short time frame, determinewhat percent of time is needed for each team member. The team should be small, thorough, andemployed only as needed. I defer to you to define the team makeup and numbers. Your team maycommence as early as the following week starting on approximately **Monday 23/Aug/20201** and runthrough the MAGE Board presentation on **Monday 18/Oct/2021** The MAGE Board has no preferredCharter template; use what you feel is appropriate.For your an initial stakeholder register, please find or develop, then use a template that you feel isappropriate. The stakeholder register shall be limited to only the first two steps explained in PMBOKProcess “Identify Stakeholders” which is “perform identification” and “obtain information”. Scoring creditsshall be lost if your stakeholder efforts progress into “conduct classification”, “analysis” and “planning”.Post your questions on the Blackboard Discussion forum for this Assessment 2 no later than Sunday12/Sep/2021 2pm. Your instructor will respond as soon as available. Also, periodically check for Q&A fromother students.Remember to use your Assessment 2 Q&A Session on Collaborate which is Monday 6/Sep/2021 from 8 to9pm.For estimating manpower costs, use the following simple schedule of rates. These costs assumeconsultants that are fully self-supported with home office, PC & base IT support, and superannuation.
Manpower Type
A. Executive, veryspecial SME’s
B. SME’s
C. Support
As a resident to Maryborough and long-term volunteer to the annual air show, you may choose to offerdiscounted labor rates to the MAGE Board. Please be specific with estimated rates, hours and discounts.= = = end of project brief = = =

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