a reference and a teaching addle

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Buddha’s life story is a reference and a teaching addle
Bodhisattva was used more common?, before becoming Buddha o Bodh !awakening) o Sat. (being)
Elephant (awl.) – Sages Predicted to be a ruler/Buddha – Buddha emerged from her right hip – Pointed one arm up to heaven and one to earth and declared this is his Irtsgt birth – Ib predicting that he 0 destined to entrthtenment – His dad is a ruler and he wants son to folicw his foot steps . shields him to suffering so Buddha would not want to leave – Tried to keep him in palace grounds – At 29, he got son – At 29, he takes I trips outside palace with his charioteer 200.1Als. O Fast time, saw • Old mart (never saw an old man and was upset that it happens to everyone) O Second time, saw • Sick man (all humans experience disease and sick) O Third time, he saw • Corpse O Fourth time, he saw • Slummy (wandering renunciant) • What surprises him was that this guy is tranquil • Arta dianoteer, how can be so cakn with at this around the world • Equanimity by renouncing the mold – Goes gable, woke op middle of night, sees dancing women aroundwhik they asleep – Rides out of the city and goes to the forest – Cuts his hair and trades clothing with hunter with all his rich clothing – Now becomes a sbui.grrt Prectic ea meditation for 6 years – Two teethe., taught and he became a master – This path did not leave hbn to liberation Praetkes with S esthetics – If he left now and dies, he would keep being born (sarnsara) – Takes …food and meets a woman (Sup.) and his them rile and milk – That food restores him to full health – The S people rejected him after this beause they though If it as weakens – Ile now goes to tree and vows to stay these until readies enrghtenment – Man (head of realm of desire) – Ile insists that he WM become the head of enlightenment – Ile send demons to detract Buddha but he does not move – Buddha touches the ground and earth trernbk – Man and army (lee – Buddha foes through three meditations (three fold knowledge) o Memory of his previous life o Sees the rebirth of people depending on karma O Recognition of the cause newl of reality • Linked change of .uses and effect

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