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In a report format, using relevant headings (not just those below). Full academic referencing must be included and using primary and secondary research from two countries. ONE of the countries selected and whilst it is recommended you compare with the UK/HK, you are permitted to use another country of particular interest or somewhere you might like to work in the future.
1. Using academic research, select three marketing communication methods and discusswhat factors need to be considered when promoting a product or service in a differentcountry; (40%)
2. Apply one cultural analytical framework to compare the culture of selected country to the UK/HK; (20%)
3. Critically evaluate differences in marketing communication between these two countries, using your primary research and/or secondary research to illustrate your points;(40%)
It is vital to read widely around the topic in order to develop a good understanding,especially the works by Usunier and Lee (2013) from your core text.
Usunier, Jean-Claude & Lee, Julie Anne (2013) Marketing across cultures (Sixth edition,Harlow, England: Pearson.

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