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Cloud Ltd., produces 8,000 units of product Z during the year ended 31/12/2018. 6,000 of these units were sold at sh6 per unit. The production costs were as follows:
Direct Materialssh0.50 per unitDirect Labour sh0.80 per unitVariable Overhead sh0.50 per unitFixed Overhead Cost for the year sh3,000
You are required to:(a) Prepare income statements under Marginal and Absorption costing principles. (12 Marks)
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Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood Controversy GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination Presentation Data dispersal is basic for the every day tasks of mankind. The media has been utilized, over the previous years, to give data to the overall population, just as to instruct the general population about formative issues. It has, nonetheless, an extraordinary impact on how individuals think, just as on how social standards and qualities develop in a general public. The motivation setting hypothesis of broad communications hypothesizes that media gives the individuals what to think about, and impacts how they think about it. It sets the plan for the general population. One of the sensational issues that has been enormously influenced by media is the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood contention. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is one of the main establishments in the United States, which offers assets to associations engaged with explore for a remedy for bosom malignant growth for the sake of Planned Parenthood. The establishment reported that it would quit giving assets for Planned Parenthood, as it was under scrutiny by congress. This created a political scene, and prompted numerous dubious web based life discusses including prominent government officials. In spite of the fact that the elements of the media impacted the perspectives and the impression of the discussion, it is clear that the universe of innovation has, as it were, trivialized the association among individuals and enormously influenced the manner in which thoughts and suppositions are spread around social orders. Additionally, the political predisposition of the media is influencing social orders all things considered. The primary reason for investigation into this contention is to show how the elements of the media can wind a policy driven issue to a completely unique point. HISTORY OF THE CONTROVERSY Perhaps the most recent medium driven debates is the Susan G. Komen Foundation debate. The media has assumed a significant job in politicizing the issues concerning Planned Parenthood assets from Susan G. Komen. Various decisions concerning the financing of the establishment have been passed by numerous writers and other key players in the media. The press has additionally assumed a critical job in prejudicing the issues encompassing Planned Parenthood. Moreover, numerous objections and one-sided stories have additionally been composed, and issues made, concerning the subsidizing of the establishment. In spite of the fact that the establishment supports extends that are planned for improving individuals’ wellbeing, unmistakably those assets do profit numerous individuals by and by. Regardless of this reality, numerous outlandish fingers have been pointed at the bungle and the significance of the ventures, by the media, in this way making perhaps the greatest debate on the planet. The Susan G. Komen Foundation had connected with PPFA, a think-tank whose primary target is to discover solutions for deadly illnesses. As of late, the organization had been supported by the Susan G. Komen Foundation in the quest for a solution for bosom malignant growth. In spite of the fact that for a significant stretch of time bosom malignant growth was considered as an issue which ought not be politicized, plainly this contention pulled in political discussions all things considered. This was because of the Foundation supporting an organization which had no effect on the examination for therapeudic illnesses. What’s more, the Foundation was supporting premature birth, which legislators were against. This started a tremendous discussion over the political range against the Foundation. The media likewise assumed a key job in spreading the data through contribution various angles on the issues. The discussion started after a portion of the media characters started to accept that the Foundation was assigning assets to the pointless undertakings. This wasn’t right in light of the fact that the strategic the Foundation is to look for corrective measures for ladies influenced by malignant growth. In opposition to its strategic, Foundation had accompanied a crusade known as Planned Parenthood, which was restricted by numerous individuals. This drove numerous people to discuss the importance of financing the undertaking, in this way animating a warmed discussion via web-based networking media. The withdrawal of the cause implied that numerous ladies would not get social insurance, and this was considered as a policy centered issue by numerous individuals in the United States, and that is the reason it got questionable. ARTICLE FROM ABC NEWS The discussion encompassing Planned Parenthood took various courses, with the media favoring one side on the issue. An article on ABC News entitled “Top Susan G. Komen Official Resigns after Planned Parenthood Flap” took an alternate edge while concentrating on the politicization of the issue. This article talks about the abdication of Karen Handel, a highest authority at Komen. In this article, ABC News centers around the administration of the Susan G. Komen Foundation while, simultaneously, refering to the legislative issues that was liable for the contention. It anyway shields the Foundation against the political cases. It centers around Karen Handel, the previous authority at Komen, as a lawmaker who was against premature birth and Planned Parenthood during her political battles in Georgia. By referencing her previous candidature at Republican gubernatorial in Georgia, the articles attempts to show the political impact on the issue. Then again, this article gives the Susan G. Komen Foundation a voice to answer to the allegations leveled against it through Karen Handel’s announcement, that the transition to drop financing for Planned Parenthood was not politically inspired. The article additionally allows the Komen establishment to be heard through the expression of remorse that the establishment gives in light of how it dealt with the contention. Through this article, the media causes people in general to accept that the Susan G. Komen Foundation had no flaws, while simultaneously blaming Planned Parenthood for the discussion (Khan, 1). HUMAN RIGHTS ARTICLE FROM EYESWIDEOPEN.ORG Another article on the Eyes Wide Opennetwork centers around the contention from the human rights point of view. The article sees how Planned Parenthood has helped more than 4 million malignant growth casualties, and provided food for more than 70,000 mammogram referrals. The essayist of this article centers around how the accounts of the Planned Parenthood Group would be influenced if the subsidizing is halted. The fundamental crowd for this article is the general American open, particularly the female populace from the lower pay acquiring class and the uninsured, who were the primary recipients of the Planned Parenthood ventures. The article feels for this helpless gathering and condemns Komen for her choice (Eyes Wide Open). ARTICLE FROM BBC WEBSITE An article from BBC’s site shows that the media favored one side in the Planned Parenthood discussion. Some bolstered the subsidizing, while others were astounded in light of the view of the media on the issue. The idea of the language in the article shows how the media had an alternate perspective on the problem. The writer of the article attempts to suggest the significance of Planned Parenthood to numerous individuals inside American culture, as he attempts to pull in the consideration of general society to the issue. It is doubtful that the writer of the article is a supporter of the foundation because of the announcements he utilizes in the article. The most significant part of this article is that it is against the individuals who politicize the issues concerning the soundness of individuals in American culture. This article unquestionably draws in the global network to engage in the debate (BBC News 3). Diary FROM CBS WEBSITE Michele Jones, in her article on CBS’ site, attempts to show how legislative issues affected the inner representatives of the Foundation to leave. The setting utilized recorded as a hard copy this diary obviously shows political impact in dynamic in the Foundation. In addition, the article additionally shows the degree of political contribution in the consultation of the association. This likewise shows the media has assumed a key job in characterizing Planned Parenthood through its dubious philosophies defined on the issue. Albeit numerous individuals had separated themselves from the discussion, obviously the discussion influenced numerous people, particularly ladies (Michele 1). It is currently apparent that the electronic media has secured the globe, and made it a little town where the sky is the limit. This has been made simpler through globalization of the world by the Internet. Because of the interconnectivity of the Internet, it is presently conceivable to impart data to various individuals rapidly, along these lines improving people groups’ information on current issues. Regardless, McLuhan contends this has gotten a universe of correspondence, ascribed to the time of association. The media assumed a key job in favoring one side in the contention, and this assisted with promoting the debate all things considered. This is on the grounds that numerous individuals approach the media and can get data quick. Numerous social orders have changed the manner in which they do their exercises because of the impact of the media on these crucial issues. The way of life of the world has changed rapidly with the advances in electronic innovation and this has upgraded the progression of data. Because of the social association of the media with the majority, it is anything but difficult to expand the attention to policy centered issues in American culture. Numerous individuals favored one side in the Planned Parenthood contention. As an outcome of the separated idea and issues encompassing the discussion, the contention took a more drawn out period than it would have taken if there was no obstruction from the media. The media blamed the Foundation for bungle of assets through the portion of pointless assets to organizations for the sake of Planned Parenthood. This made discussions, with the media favoring one side on the issues concerning the contention. The division of media thought made a calamity inside American culture, where policy centered issues are discussed. It is apparent that the media speaks to a stage for correspondence for some individuals in American culture. In another>

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