Advanced Health Care Management

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Course pursuing ___Advanced Health Care Management________
Topic of the assignment Strategies for increasing the motivation of employees.
Any particular case study / company / article / software to be taken Research Paper Outline
Any particular reading module or material required while doing the assignment ___________________________________________________________________
Referencing style to be used ___________APA_________________________________
Word limit ____________________2-_3 Pages Minimum____________
Rubrics attached (Y/N) ________________N________________________________
Number of minimum references to be used __________4 or more_________________
Format to be followed _____________________APA____________________________
Other specifications or requirements Please read the instructions: Instructions
For this assignment, you will need to submit a draft of your research paper with these components to ensure you are on the right track: an outline of your research and the intended direction of your argument, at least five scholarly resources you have found that contribute to your topic, and an abstract outlining your topic and your subsequent findings. This outline should use appropriate APA style writing. While there is no minimum requirement for your outline, you should be thorough in your research so your professor (or a colleague) could adequately determine your intended research and the direction of your research paper.

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