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ASSIGNMENT 2 (INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT)Advanced TechnologiesAdvanced Technologies is a leading supplier and operator of wastemanagement services in Singapore. The firm currently have 150 employeesacross their four plants in Singapore. Growth and expansion has previouslybeen sourced through organic means. However, following a strategic review,management have decided to embrace inorganic means of growth, namelythrough merger and acquisition activity. In light of this, Advanced Technologieshave identified a waste management firm, Green Waste, which is a leadingsupplier of waste management services in the Eastern region of Singapore.Management believe they can acquire a majority shareholding in Green Wasteat their current market value.Recently, management have become aware of human resource issues withinGreen Waste and seek your advice before they make any acquisition. Theopportunity to acquire Green Waste is very appealing to AdvancedTechnologies as it would afford the company access to the vibrant wastemanagement market in the Eastern region. However, if the firm is rife withhuman resource issues they may decide against the potential acquisition.Industry analysts have informed Advanced Technologies of some of thefollowing issues in Green Waste:
High turnover rate: the firm has an attrition rate in excess of 25%per annum.High human resource costs: The rise in employee turnover hasresulted in an increase in the costs of recruiting and training newstaff.Job dis-satisfaction: Employee job satisfaction and staff moraleappear to be low and this is adversely affecting productivity.Absenteeism: is high, with a significant proportion of the financialspend given to paying absent employees.Customer service: there have been an increasing amount of
complaints from customers regarding the decrease in the standardof service provided.Advanced Technologies has hired your consultancy services to offer themadvice and aid them in the development of strategies to improve the currentorganisational behavioural issues. Specifically the firm would like advice on1. What are some of aspects that may be useful to understand regardingthe individual employee? Specifically they would like advice onintroducing effective motivational techniques into the organisation, toenhance job satisfaction.2. Management would like to introduce work teams within the firm. Withrespect to placing employees into work teams, what might you considerto maximise team effectiveness? This may include issues such as thefoundations of group behaviour, understanding work teams andcommunications, etc.3. Offer management recommendations that you believe would improvethe organizational behaviour issues in both the short and long term.Additional information:Your review paper must pay particular attention to the following:– The relevant theory from related chapters from Robbins and Judge(2016).– Use of internet, library, magazines and newspapers, includingreferences. Draw on real examples and cases where appropriate.– Remember, your findings will be a useful tool for your company – in thehiring process, designing work teams and developing and motivatingemployees.Formatting• Assignments must be typed in Times New Roman (size 12)(Line spacing1.5)• Maximum of 3,000 words per assignment• All cited material should be referenced (Harvard Referencing Style)• Student name and student number must be displayed on the front cover.• All submissions will be checked for plagiarism. Evidence of plagiarismwill result in automatic failure.

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