American Policies and Government

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Pick a policy issue that is relevant in the American democracy.a.Education reform in the US over the last 5 yearsb.Economic recession assistance (TARP, CARES Act, HEROs Act which hasn’t passed yet)c.Immigration reform and the DREAM Actd.US involvement in organizations like the WHO, UNe.Trump’s Trade Wars with China2.Research the controversy. Remember that at the heart of politics is “who gets what, when, where, and how.”a. Tell us what the focus of the policy/policy change is.b.Frame why the change was or is needed according to the background research.c.Identify who the main actors are and what they are hoping for (lobbyists, politicians, social movements).d.Summarize how the issue has been discussed in the media. Pick a few popular press media outlets andidentify how they are framing the issue.e.Evaluate the perceived strengthens and weaknesses of the changes (whether they have already happenedor will happen).f.Conclude by identifying whom the policy helps and who may be left out from receiving benefits.g.In your opinion, does the policy/policy change reflect the core values of the democracy that we learned about in chapter one?h.Question part – your question could be framed in different ways. Below are a few examples.i. Why does the Trump Administration want to end the DREAM Act?ii. What are the benefits and drawbacks of participating in an international organization like the World Health Organization?iii. Why should we allow states to decide their education standards and whether they want a common core?c.Backgroundd.Media Coverage of issuee.Targets/Winners of the proposed changesf.Those unaffected or negatively affected by the proposed change.g.Your Assessment of the desired or recent changes in the policyh.Core Values reflected in the changes Reference, cite your source, APA format Other Article: Despite the fact that Yahoo (or appropriately composed as Yahoo!) probably won’t be as well known as it was in its developmental days, its locales are as yet… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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