an appropriate computer software program

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The workflow chart can be hand-drawn or prepared using an appropriate computer software program.
A workflow chart should commence with the first activities or tasks to be completed and visually display the sequence and interconnectedness of all activities/tasks for your selected area.
Your workflow chart should follow the organisation’s current steps and procedures for completing all activities/tasks. For example, all steps in the delivery of service to customers in a restaurant, to undertake a stocktake for a department or coordinate the ‘bump-in’ for a trade expo.
The workflow chart can be one continuous chart or broken down into key stages in the overall operational activity.
The workflow chart should indicate who is responsible for completing tasks. Use job or team titles, for example, waiter, kitchen team, events security staff, tour guide, front office team, registration clerk.
The format, symbols and text used in the flowchart to represent the sequence of events and tasks completed must be clear and easy to understand.
Use of standard flowchart symbols is not an assessment requirement, however, your completed workflow chart must meet organisational standards for clarity, professionalism and presentation.
Flowchart symbols
Basic flowchart symbols are used to aid clarity when preparing a flowchart. Here is a list of basic flowchart symbols, their title and the information they represent in a flowchart.
Alternatively, use your internet search engine to research symbols, their meanings and examples.

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Start/end symbol
The terminator symbol marks the starting or ending point of the system. It usually contains the word ‘Start’ or ‘End’.

Action or process symbol
A box can represent a single step (‘add two cups of flour’), or entire sub-process (‘make bread’) within a larger process.

Document symbol
A printed document or report.

Decision symbol
A decision or branching point. Lines representing different decisions emerge from different points of the diamond.

Preparation symbol
Represents a set-up to another step in the process.

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Connector symbol
Indicates that the flow continues where a matching symbol (containing the same letter) has been placed.

A line is a connector that shows relationships between the representative shapes.
Flow chart example
This is an example of how and when to use flowchart symbols only. Your flowchart can be presented in portrait or landscape format. It should represent the processes and procedures followed in your workplace or training organisation.

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