an implementation plan

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Develop an implementation plan (at least 2000 words) that addresses internal labour needs in the medium to long term (e.g. for the next year). This will include a succession plan for senior staff, which utilises succession planning principles and incorporates a retention plan. The outcome needs to be that the organisation is appropriately staffed in readiness for a future change in the organisation. This must include considering the diversity needs of the organisation, such as age, gender, ethnicity etc. and planning for adjustment as those needs change. Utilise the same company and the information you provided as in assessment 1 to detail the implementation of the plan.The plan should include the following:1.    A plan for diversity management, recruitment, training, redeployment and redundancy for the next year. Include a timeline. Consider industrial relations issues such as awards, enterprise agreements and Fair Work legislation. Utilise a tool attached to the end of this assessment.2.    Turnover figures in percentage terms in determining future staffing needs. Utilise figures obtained in assessment 13.    An organisation chart and identify at least three key positions to be used to implement a succession planning system to ensure desirable workers are retained.4.    A succession plan to ensure the organisation becomes an employer of choice. Include how to identify staff for succession and how you would develop them with at least 2 strategies.Part B: Review of Workforce Plan and EvaluationAssume that the workforce plan from assessment one has been implemented and in place for 12 months and:1.    1.    Review the workforce plan against patterns in exiting employees and other workforce changes.2.    Conduct a climate survey of at least 10 employees and line managers to gauge their satisfaction in the workplace, and present the survey results

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