analysis of the Learning Resources

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This week, assigned Presenters should post a PowerPoint presentation with a detailed notes section that contains the following:
Incorporation and analysis of the Learning Resources from this 2-week unit, including identification of any apparent gaps in the literature
An original research topic related to the week’s literature (the proposed research topic can be related to the general topic for the week or to gaps in the literature for the week, or it can be related to a specific reading for the week)
Background information on the research topic, including identification of principal schools of thought, tendencies in the academic literature, or commonalities that define the academic scholarship regarding your topic
Evaluation of the main concepts with a focus on their application to business/management practice and their impact on positive social change
A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed, scholarly new references
Note: The presentation must be in APA format and must incorporate direct evidence of addressing the Learning Objectives from this 2-week unit. Each of the content slides must include detailed notes/paragraphs with appropriate citation of peer-reviewed, scholarly referen

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