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Essay 2: 2500-3000 words, due 28 May 2021.
Write a critical analytical essay based on the following topics.
Discuss the following statement: From a microbial perspective, the culture of capitalism has created ideal environments for the development and spread of infectious diseases.
The key difference between an analytical essay and a descriptive one is grounded in your ability to draw connections between resources as part of a coherent argument, rather than providing an annotated bibliography without deeper engagement of each chosen text.
Structure your essay with a clear introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and reference list. Use Harvard AGPS for your in-text citations and reference list. You should use anthropological theory and ethnographic evidence to develop and support your argument. Do not draw from other disciplines. You are encouraged to be discerning in your choice of sources and consider the politics of citation – if you are referring to Indigenous peoples, cite Indigenous scholars where possible. Please use both Australian and international examples where possible.

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