Anti-discriminatory practice – Health & Safety

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Hello, I am a trainee dental nurse and will be attending college for 18 months. This is my fourth assignment which I am hoping you will be able to help me with. Task 4: Work Role 1. Describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip/statement. 2. Identify two changes to personal information which you must report to your employer. 3. Desecribe the procedure to follow if you wanted to raise a grievance at work. You may describe this in writing or produce a flow chart or diagram. 4. Explain the agreed ways of working with your employer in relation to the following areas: – Data protection. – Grievance – Conflict management – Anti-discriminatory practice – Health & Safety – Confidentiality – Whistleblowing 5. Explain how your role contributes to the overall delivery of the service provided. 6. Explain how you could influence the quality of the service provided by; a) following best practice within your work role; b) not carrying out the requirements of your role. 7. Describe how your own work must be influenced by National factors such as Codes of Practice, National Occupational Standards, Legislation and Government Initiatives. 8. a) Identify two different representative bodies which influence your area of work. b) Dsecribe the role of the two representative bodies you have identified. Remember this is all for dentistry.. and I in the UK. Thank You.

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