Applicable Psychotherapy Research

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Applying Current Literature to Clinical Practice–Psychiatric mental health nursing practice is one of the newest disciplines to be licensed to providepsychotherapy as such, the majority of psychotherapy research is centered on other disciplines such aspsychology, social work, marriage/family therapy, art therapy, psychiatry, and mental health counseling. Thismakes it essential for you to be able to translate current literature from other disciplines into your own clinicalpractice. For this Assignment, you practice this skill by examining literature on group work and group therapyand considering its applicability to your own clients.The Assignment:In a 5- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, address the following:• Provide an overview of the article you selected, including answers to the following questions:•o What type of group was discussed?o Who were the participants in the group? Why were they selected?o What was the setting of the group?o How often did the group meet?o What was the duration of the group therapy?o What curative factors might be important for this group and why?o What “exclusion criteria” did the authors mention?• Explain the findings/outcomes of the study in the article. Include whether this will translate into practice withyour own client groups. If so, how? If not, why?• Explain whether the limitations of the study might impact your ability to use the findings/outcomes presentedin the article. Other Article: Figure 3. Foreign visitor arrivals in the Philippines from 2010-2016 (Compiled from: Department of Tourism, 2011, 2012a, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) However, while the campaign encouraged to generate “fun” things about the Philippines, DOT could not also stop people from generating memes that emulated negativity about the Philippines (Figure 4) (Della Corte & Sepe, 2016). After a year, the meme generator application was discontinued. However, people are still able to produce memes containing the official font, the Harabara Mais, that is available to download for free… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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