Argument and Analysis

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Key Information
• The essay is worth 60% of your final grade
• The length is 3000 words (including references)
• Submission: online through the submission point on the Learning@Griffith course site.
Marking Criteria
There is an essay rubric (see the assessment folder). Your mark will be based on:
• Research: Quality and breadth (20%)
• Argument and Analysis: cohesiveness of argument; quality of supporting analysis (40%)
• Academic Writing and Referencing: quality of writing, and accuracy and adequacy of referencing (20%)
• Organisation: cohesive flow and structure (20%)
Essay Instructions
1. There are a large number of relevant sources in the course reading list (available online via the
readings tab). You will need to use some of these readings in your essay, as well as seek out further
sources of your own. The quality of the readings and resources you use will influence your final mark.
2. You must read and refer to a minimum of 10 academic sources (eg books, journals). You are welcome
to use any other sources to support your argument, but make sure you use quality and relevant
sources. If in doubt, ask the course convenor.
3. Where an essay is incorrectly or insufficiently referenced it will be penalised; unreferenced or severely
under-referenced work risks a zero mark.
4. Ensure your essay is well written, well edited and well-presented. Please use Harvard or APA
referencing style (and include page numbers). You can find information on referencing here
5. Requests for extensions need to be made before the due date. Assignments submitted without an
extension after the due date will be penalised according University Assessment Policy. Assignments
more than 5 days late risk the award of zero marks.
6. When plagiarism or academic dishonesty is detected significant academic penalties apply. A dishonest
assignment includes:
• Copying or attempting to copy the work of other students;
• Submitting the work of another as your own;
• Plagiarism: that is, taking and using ideas and material of others and presenting them as your
own. This includes web sources.
Griffith University takes academic integrity very seriously. Students may be requested to provide drafts of their
submitted work and/or relevant notes and references, and to briefly discuss the essay’s content and ideas with
the course convenor.
Essay Tips:
To maximise your essay mark, ensure that:
• Your material is focused and directly addresses the essay topic;
• The essay includes a clear introduction and a clear conclusion;
• Your argument is clearly stated in the introduction, and systematically developed and supported
throughout essay. Repeating an assertion does not make it an argument;
• Your paper is not a set of notes but a coherent justification of a position;
• Points and sections are always clearly linked; and
• Referencing is comprehensive and accurate, and consistent.

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