Artificial intelligence and automation advancements in an organization, May 26, 2021

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This is a paper that focuses on artificial intelligence and automation advancements in an organization. The paper also focuses on the globalization and cultural diversity.
Artificial intelligence and automation advancements in an organization
Driven by trends such as technology advancements and increased workforce diversity, it becomes necessary for firms to develop and adopt new human resource management approaches in order to remain competitive and effective. For this assignment, you will be choosing an organisation that interests you and analysing how ONE of the following trends has affected (or will be re-shaping) this organisation’s HR practices. In other words, considering your chosen trend, how is this organisation ensuring that it is attracting, selecting and retaining talent? – Artificial intelligence and automation – Globalisation and increased cultural diversity – The push for gender equality – Millennials becoming the largest generation in the workforce
1. Firstly, introducing the organisation (250 words). Explain your personal interest in this organisation. why did you choose this organisation? Describe your chosen organisation, providing information on its main purpose (products/services), strategy, and what is special about its workforce
2. Secondly, overview of the trend (250 words). Explain your personal interest in this trend. why did you choose to focus on this trend? Discuss your chosen trend and the extent of its impact on the organisation. In other words, why is it particularly important for this organisation to effectively respond to this trend? Consider the industry, geographical location(s), competitors…etc for this organisation.
3. Thirdly, effect of trend on the organisation’s HR practices (800 words). Identify and discuss two or three ways in which this trend is changing (or will change) the HR practices for your chosen organisation. In order to develop in-depth analysis, you are encouraged to focus on no more than two HR functions. Examples of HR functions include job design, staffing, performance management, rewards and remuneration, diversity management.
4. Lastly, future changes and impact (200 words). Based on your analysis in the first three sections, what are your recommendations for the continued enhancement of this organisation’s human resource practices? What are the likely outcomes if these changes do not take place in time?
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