Assessment item 3 – Reflective Writing

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Assessment item 3 – Reflective Writing
Due Date: 8 October, 2020 9am
Length: 1000 words
Conditions: Individual
Weighting: 35%
You are required to write a reflective essay. The essay must be supported by in text citations and a reference list on the final page. It should show how you are integrating the Positive leader theory into your own development and a leader. You should make reference to the fact that you have already applied the theory you’re your practical activity in Assessment 1. You should also reference the fact that in Assessment 2 you applied the theoretical constructs through a practical exercise that builds your research skills (self-efficacy).
This assignment must be submitted through the Turnitin link for this assignment.
As we know from Luthans (2008) the ‘Building Hope’ exercise through goal generation has been proven to be an effective way of improving the PsyCap of people. This essay involves multiple parts:
Think about your experience in undertaking the goal generation process and the extent to which you have followed your goal generation processes. Report on the progress that you have made towards achieving your goals. (150 words) (5 marks).
Past research (Luthans 2008) shows that the goal generation exercise positively improves hope, which is the platform on which your PsyCap forms. Discuss whether your PsyCap has improved since undertaking the exercise (150 words) (5 marks).
How would you use your new knowledge and skills in building PsyCap to be a better leader? Use the unit content and the reading list (and your work on previous assessment items) to identify what behaviours in leaders are most likely to create better outcomes for employees. Make sure you identify the relationships between specific behaviours and the outcomes based on the evidence in the research articles in the reading list. You may choose to focus specifically on one outcome or several for example the PsyCap, wellbeing, engagement and/or change readiness, and innovative capacities of employees). Reflect on the significance of these ideas during an era of disruption and chaos (such as the Covid-19 pandemic). Refer to at least five of the journal articles in the unit content and reading list (700 words) (15 marks).
Formatting (10 marks)
Do include a title page with a title that identifies the topic of your essay
Do notinclude an Executive Summary or Table of Contents
Do structure your essay with an Introduction, followed by the main body of the essay where you reflect on what you have learnt in this unit. Finish with a concluding paragraph.
Do use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double line spacing
Do number your pages
Do refer to the literature conforming to the SCU Harvard referencing style
Do notuse headings and sub-headings for an essay
Marking Criteria:
Assessing criteria
Critical reflection 1
The essay provides an update on progress towards the goals specified in Assessment 1.
5 marks
Critical reflection 2
The essay presents a critical and thoughtful reflection on the impact of the goal setting activity on the student’s psychological capital.
5 marks
Critical reflection 3
The essay identifies strategies to apply the theory in practice as a leader. The strategies are based on the student’s critical reflection and connects meaningfully with the evidence-based research using at least 5 journal articles. The argument presented in each journal supports the reflections in the essay.
15 marks
Paragraphing formatting and referencing
The introduction should have a topic sentence detailing the topic of the essay, and an outline of the essay. Avoid using references to the literature in your Introduction. Each paragraph that follows should be a well-constructed paragraph comprising approximately 150 words each. A paragraph should have a topic sentence. This should be followed by sentences that are referenced and add depth to the argument development. The final paragraph should provide a summary of the essay. It requires no references and is usually shorter than other paragraphs. Sources reviewed are acceptable and referenced correctly
10 marks

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35 marks

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