Assessment Task No 3 (Research Report)

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Assessment Task No 3 (Research Report)
Task description: Individual Task
Task Length: 2000-2500 words
Date Due: Week 11 (28th June, 2020)
Task Weight: 30%
Task Requirements:
This assignment is related to the task 1 (a and b). The student will sort, code and tabulate the
primary data collected by means of the questionnaire (designed as part of assessment 1b or
refined further). This data will then be analysed using the (learned) statistical tools (task 2) to
interpret the data and arrive at the key findings on their primary research. Findings need to be
discussed in detail and recommendation given for addressing/solving the issue. A
comprehensive report addressing all the components of the research will need to be
A copy of the excel sheet used for analysis and tabulation of data will need to be submitted
via LMS. A copy of the report needs to be submitted from Turnitin
Estimated Student Workload: 10-12 hours
Structure –
• Introduction
• Conceptual framework
• Findings and Analysis
• Discussion on Findings
• Recommendations
• Avenues for future research
• Conclusion
• Appendix
o Questionnaire
o Collected questionnaire

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