Assignment 1: Individual poster presentationopportunities in the information technology job marketICT Trends and Opportunitiespopulation changing in TexasChoose one or more leadershipViews of trauma and cultural

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Faculty of Social Sciences – Resit Assessment Portfolio Brief for Students – 2019/20
Module code and title
Module leader
Dr Emma Edwards
Semester 2 resit
Assessment type
Assignment 1: Individual poster presentation
Submission date
8thJuly 2020
Submission method
Assessment limits
10 slides
Assessment weighting
Assessment brief(if appropriate, please refer to module assessment briefing document)
Poster presentation You will work individually to produce an electronic Power-point presentation with 10 slides and accompanying notes explaining the implications of the factors below on an organisation of your choice. You will need to produce a Power Point presentation slides with accompanying notes, which includes: – PESTLE analysis – SWOT analysis – Market Share – Future recommendationsThis task gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about different aspects of the module. You should use module materials from the lecture inputs and CANVAS, and research each topic by reading widely. Task 1 is about how business is impacted by uncontrollable macro-environmental factors.Guidance: To complete this task, consider how the organization (details of the organization will be provided by the module leader) can identify key changes in the environment and identify whether any recent responses taken by the company/brand to key changes in the environment have been successful. Use your PESTLE analysis, you should assess whether there may be any environmental impact in the near future.
Completing a SWOT analysis helps to understand the current operating environment of the organisation and you should present this in table form.
Future recommendations are regarded as important information that helps inform the organization the direction to take.
You should use a range of industry sources to gather your information. Any statement you make should be substantiated in some way by referencing articles, texts, journals etc., thus demonstrating that you have an understanding of the theoretical concepts, which underpin management practices. If you quote from an academic source you should reference your statement using the Harvard system of referencing.
Assessment Criteria(The actual assessment components for this assignment)
Weighting (If applicable)
Understanding of controllable and uncontrollable factors and how they impact on organisations
Accurate and insightful identification of key environmental factors for organization selected
Presentation quality and creativity of poster
Ability to provide rationale for poster
Pass mark
Undergraduate 100%
Performance descriptors in use; University of Wolverhampton Yes  No  Professional or Statutory Body Yes  No  Module specific Yes  No  Other (specify below) Yes  No 
Return of assessments (Instructions for return / collection of assessments)
You will receive written feedback within 4 working weeks of the submission date.

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This assessment is testing Module Learning outcomes
Tick if tested here
Describe how the controllable variables such as the marketing mix and the micro and macro uncontrollable variables impact upon an organisation’s activities.

Distinguish and select appropriate marketing tools within a structured situation

Recognise and explain through knowledge and understanding the marketing theories, models and concepts within the business environment

Additional information for students
The University’s Learning Information Services have produced a series of guides covering a range of topics to support your studies, and develop your academic skills including a guide to academic referencing
Your module guide and course handbook contain additional and important information regarding;
The required referencing style for your assignment.*
Whilst many modules require referencing in accordance with the Harvard Referencing convention, some modules – for example those within the School of Law – require Oxford Referencing. Please familiarise yourself with the requirements of your module.
Submission of your work
Marking, feedback and moderation in accordance with the University of Wolverhampton Assessment Handbook
Extensions on submission dates *
Additional support *
Academic conduct with regards to cheating, collusion or plagiarism *
Links to appropriate sources of relevant information *
* Further information regarding these and other policies can be accessed through your student portal on
Always keep a copy of your work and a file of working papers
The requirement to keep a file of working papers is important. There may be circumstances where it is difficult to arrive at a mark for your work. If this is the case, you may be asked to submit your file and possibly meet with your tutor to answer questions on your submission.
When you submit your work you will be required to sign an important declaration confirming that:
The submission is your own work
Any material you have used has been acknowledged and appropriately referenced
You have not allowed another student to have access to your work
The work has not been submitted previously.
The following information is important when:
Preparing for your assignment
Checking your work before you submit it
Interpreting feedback on your work after marking.
Module Learning Outcomes
Module Learning Outcomes are specific to this module, and are set when the module was validated.
Assessment Criteria
The module Learning Outcomes tested by this assignment, and precise criteria against which your work will be marked are outlined in your assessment brief.
Performance Descriptors
Performance descriptors indicate how marks will be arrived at against each of the assessment criteria. The descriptors indicate the likely characteristics of work that is marked within the percentage bands indicated.
To help you further:
Re-sit opportunities are available for students who are unable to take the first sit opportunity, or who need to re take any component.
Refer to the VLE topic for contact details of your module leader / tutor, tutorial inputs, recommended reading and other sources, etc. Resit details will also appear on the VLE module topic.
The University’s Learning Information Services offer support and guidance to help you with your studies and develop your academic skills
FoSS Generic Assessment Performance Descriptors
Based on – University Performance Descriptors (updated September 2015)
Note that these are generic descriptors that apply mainly, though not exclusively, to written academic work. The relevant performance descriptors for the appropriate level (as below) should appear in the module guide.
Any further module-specific assessment criteria, such as number of words, should be clearly stated in the assignment brief.
The pass rate at levels 3 -6 = 40%

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Level 4
Focused and comprehensive engagement with the question, showing evidence of in-depth understanding of the issues. Extremely clearly structured and demonstrating a coherent argument throughout. Evidence of wide, independent reading. No obvious errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
Detailed response to all relevant parts of the question with evidence of clear understanding of the issues. Well structured with evidence of independent reading supporting the argument. Very few errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
Identification and very good understanding of issues in the assessment. Full answers to all questions/task. Very clear argument with relevant examples used to illustrate response. Clear evidence of reading outside the module list. Few errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
Goodunderstanding of the issues. Engages directly with the question. Clear argument with good examples used to support it. All main points and important issues of the question/task covered. Some evidence of reading outside the module list Some small repeated errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate
Generally sound understanding of basic concepts. Content relevant to the question/task. Competently deals with main issues. Reading based on main texts or materials, but not always fully utilised in supporting arguments. Some repeated errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
40-49% 40% Pass mark
Satisfactory evidence of understanding of basic concepts/issues and demonstration that the learning outcomes have been met. Content broadly relevant but with limited or little application of theory. Almost totally descriptive.
30-39% Compensatable Fail
Some learning outcomes and / or assessment criteria not met. Superficial treatment of issues. Some is relevant to topic set. Material merely repeats taught input. Lacks understanding of basic theory or concepts. Possible use of extensive quoted passages. Evidence of sufficient grasp of learning outcomes to suggest that the student will be able to retrieve the module on resubmission.
20-29% Fail
No learning outcomes fully met. Little evidence of attempts to engage with module materials.
10-19% Fail
Little attempt to engage with assignment brief and has not met learning outcomes. Inadequate demonstration of knowledge or understanding of key concepts, theories or practice.
0-9% Fail
No real attempt to address the assignment brief or learning outcomes

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