Assignment 2 – Narrated Powerpoint

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Assignment Workshop
Assignment 2 – Narrated Powerpoint
Penny Hyams
Today’s Session
This session will provide additional information about
preparing for the second assignment task (Narrated
Please refer to my previous presentation on Essay
writing for general points about sourcing and writing
1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of developmental theories and
2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of group norms and social influence
processes including cultural influences, group interactions, leadership and member roles.
3. Recognise different perspectives or theories of developmental and social psychology.
4. Integrate ideas and findings through appropriately linking theories and research
evidence in developmental and social psychology.
5. Discipline expertise; professional skills
Course Learning Outcomes
(This Assignment addresses Learning Outcomes 2, 3, 4)
Assignment 2
Question 2 – Narrated PowerPoint Presentation:
Prepare a 15-minute narrated PowerPoint presentation on the following:
(Your presentation should be clear and accessible.)
Discuss and evaluate theories relating to roles within groups and
leadership. Use information from social psychology theories and
The narrated PowerPoint presentation should be 15 minutes duration.
Please note that exceeding the duration will result in a reduction in grade
proportionate to the amount of time exceeded.
(50 marks)
Revisit the assignment instructions before submission e.g. Word Count, to ensure that
you have complied with all the requirements.
Submission guidelines on iLearn:
Submit the Narrated PowerPoint Presentation through the Presentation Portal
Check your submission date/time.
The current deadline is the 22 May 2020 2:00 PM
Try to avoid submitting at the last minute, when broadband failures etc. could cause
you to miss the deadline.
Deconstructing Title Directives: Discuss…
When an examiner asks you to
discuss a topic and focus (e.g. an
idea, concept, field of research etc).
they are likely to be expecting you to:
(i) Investigate and describe the
features of the construct under
study – perhaps by comparison
with an allied or competing
(ii) Argue (pros and cons) a case, or
an idea/theory/model, supported
by relevant (referenced) evidence.
(iii) This can include highlighting
advantages and disadvantages,
exploring a theory’s explanatory
power, considering the
implications of the topic etc.
(iv) Arrive at a reasoned conclusion.
Deconstructing Title Directives: Evaluate….
This moves beyond discussion.
When an examiner asks you to
evaluate (or perhaps ‘critically
evaluate’) a construct, theory or
phenomenon, s/he is expecting you
Critically explain and appraise
an idea/theory about a
phenomenon etc.
Lay out a balanced argument
(i.e. both supporting and
challenging) that evaluates
research evidence.
Consider the concept/theory’s
explanatory power, the method
of its discovery, it validity.
Arrive at a carefully justified
conclusion, taking a stance on
the issue or topic.
What do we mean by the term
‘Intra-Group Behaviour’?
APA Dictionary of Psychology:
“…the underlying processes that give rise to a
set of norms, roles, relations, and common
goals that characterize a particular social group”
Presentation topic
theories of intra-group behaviour.
Read the iLearn learning materials for this topic
under ‘Explore Learning’, then the relevant
textbook sections.
Follow this up with carrying out a database
search for research papers and further
information. EBSCO, Researchgate, Scholar
Sources: Core Text
Hogg, M. A., Vaughan, G. M. (2018). Social
psychology. (8th ed.). London: Prentice Hall.
Laying Out Your Slides 1
• There is no set layout for your slides.
• When you open Powerpoint, you have a gallery of
Options for Title & follow-on slides.
• You can also click ‘View’> ‘Slide Master’ for more
• Some versions of Powerpoint have a ‘Design Ideas’ tab
under the ‘Design’ drop-down menu which can help you
with layout.
Laying Out Your Slides 2
1. No fixed number of slides or Word Count, but time
2. Display your knowledge in short points – avoid lengthy
sentences/long paragraphs.
3. Avoid too cluttered appearance – visual effects can
enliven slides – but there is a danger of distracting the
viewer from your message if overdone.
4. Suggest about 3-4 main headings
5. Sub-points can outline more complex issues
6. You do not need to include an ‘Any Questions’ slide.
7. Use Harvard Style referencing.
Presentation Content
Select approx. 2 topics related to Group
Roles/Leadership for your presentation.
Similar structure/sequence to Essay:
1. Introduction to topic
2. Main body of evidence
(i) outline topic/research studies including
(ii) indicate its role e.g. how did it inform the field of
(iii) critically evaluate its contribution to knowledge – pros
and cons.
3. Conclusions
4. References (no need to narrate these).
• Pull all strands
together with a
firm conclusion.
• Your conclusion
should address
referred to in the
Your Narration Choices
You can record your Powerpoint narrative using Microsoft Office’s own
The procedure for this is laid out in the following slides.
There are a number of other ‘help’ sites listed on the Assignment
Submission Guidelines:
Optionally, you may also record your presentation as a video file using any
video device you have available, e.g. through a web cam, a mobile device,
digital camera (with video and audio recording facility), or a digital
How to Record Audio and Add it to a Powerpoint Slide
On your Microsoft PowerpointToolbar:
First select Insert > Audio.
Then select Record Audio’ > Record Sound
Name Your file
Press red recording button
Narrate Sound. On completion press stop
Click on Icon
Drop Down
Reviewing Your Powerpoint Recording
Next select Play and review your recording.
Select OK if you’re satisfied with your recording.
If you are not satisfied with your first attempt (quite
Select Record to re-record your clip.
Inserting Your Audio Recording onto the Powerpoint Slide
To move your audio recording, select and drag the audio
icon to where you want to place it on the slide.
Should you be using more than one audio file per slide,
you can place the audio icon in the same location on a
slide – makes it easy to find!
Test it is functioning by selecting ‘Play’
Move onto the next slide and repeat………..
Playback Options
To choose how the audio plays in your presentation, click
Audio Tools Playback > Start
Select an option:
1. Play Across Slides: Plays one audio file across all
2. Loop until Stopped: Plays an audio file repeatedly until
it’s stopped manually by clicking the Play/Pause button.
3. To have the audio play continuously across all slides
in the background, select ‘Play in Background’.
Today’s Assignment Workshop Task
A. Please research one of these three topics using online resources including
EBSCO, Researchgate, Google Scholar Google
1. Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo’s original studies)
2. Social Identity Theory and leadership
3. Fiedler’s Contingency Theory of Leadership
B. Write three key points on the Discussion Forum for Assessment (make them
concise but informative).
C. Please return to the Adobe Connect meeting at 5.15pm to discuss your
Lesson Summary
Today we have explored the structure, content and procedures for
completing and submitting your second Assignment – the Narrated
You have been working towards these Course Learning Outcomes:
– Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of group norms and social
influence processes including cultural influences, group interactions,
leadership and member roles (LO2).
– Recognising different perspectives or theories of Social Psychology. (LO3)
– Integrating ideas and findings through appropriately linking theories and
research evidence in Social Psychology (LO4).
– Developing discipline expertise and professional skills (LO5).
Questions, Comments, Feedback!

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