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Guidelines for Assignment Bibliography1. All published citations mentioned in the text, tables or figures must be listed in the referencelist (bibliography), which includes all key elements of each reference, including the names ofjournals in full (not abbreviated).2. Students are responsible for checking the accuracy of their references.3. Bibliography entries should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author of each work*.4. Examples of reference content requirements are shown below.Journal Article:Flowers, K. I., Henderson, A. C., Lupton, J. L., & Chapman, D. D. (2017). Site affinity of whitespottedeagle rays Aetobatus narinari assessed using photographic identification. Journal of FishBiology, 91, 1337– 1349Gill, A. B. (2003). The dynamics of prey choice in fish: The importance for prey size andsatiation. Journal of Fish Biology, 63, 105– 116Book:Halver, J. E., & Hardy, R. W. (2002). Fish nutrition. San Diego, CA: Academic PressChapter in a Book:Mench, J. A., & Mason, G. J. (1997). Behaviour. In M. C. Appleby & B. O. Hughes (Eds.), AnimalWelfare (pp. 127– 142). New York, NY: CAB InternationalElectronic References: These include references not subject to peer review and formal publicationand can be set out as shown given below.ICES (2016). Report of the Baltic salmon and trout assessment working group (WGBAST). ICES CM2016/ACOM:09. Available at: citation of references use the style “author, date” and multiple references are list inalphabetical order.For example:‘…as demonstrated by McKenzie (2001) and by McKenzie and Farrell (2010)’‘…as suggested previously (Sloman, 2010), but not by others (McKenzie and Farrell, 2010)’‘…consistent with earlier studies (Blaber, 1975, 1988; Lujan, 2011a,b; Prodöhl, 1988)’Three or more authors are cited with the name of the first author followed by et al. (i.e. et al. initalics):e.g., (Sloman et al., 2002) or Sloman et al. (2002).*: For multiple articles by the same author, or authors listed in the same order, list the entries inchronological order, from earliest to most recent.

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