Assignment Two.

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Assignment Two.
Please read a chapter from the book Stigma by Goffman. (attached)
Use another 2 sources from your research. Feel free to use more than 2 sources.
So, the total is 3 sources (required).
Use this template to structure the essay.
CENTRAL QUOTATION. Find a key quote (one-two sentences) that summarizes the main argument. Explain the quote. (two-three sentences).
ARGUMENT. Summarize the argument of the paper in one-two paragraphs. This time, you need to be more detailed.
Do you agree with the main argument? say what aspects of the article you find useful.
Give an example from what you have read which supports or challenges the argument in the article.
You can browse any of the top sociology journals below to find your example.
Sociological Quarterly
Comparative Sociology
Sociological Theory
Theory and Society
American Journal of Sociology
British Journal of Sociology
Be critical in your ideas and tell the reader whether you agree with read or not.
Do not write an introduction, try to be direct and detailed.
Feel free to writ a conclusion of 2-3 sentences.
Use Harvard referencing style. (site the example you find)

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