assignment you must formulate an argument

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I can’t find the exact subject but the class is criminology. I had to choose a subject so I chose psychologyHello, I need one of the following question answers below. Need outside reference as well as I will attach 2 document for you to uses as a reference. 1500-2000 typed words excluding bibliographyTimes New Roman1.5 line spacing PA citation and intent citation
Ican’t find the exact subject but the class is criminology. I had to choosea subject so I chose psychology
HelloI need one of the following question answers below. Need outside reference aswell as I will attach 2 document for you to uses as a reference. 
1500-2000 typed words  excludingbibliography
TimesNew Roman
1.5 line spacingPA citation and intent citation
5-6 sources is a goodnumber to start with
Must use criticalthinking in this assignment you must formulate an argument and support thatargument with sources. AT THE SAME TIME – you must critically analyze whatthose sources mean in relation to your argument. Do they support your argument?How? Do they not support your argument? Why not? What information do thesources provide or fail to provide that is useful or troubling in relation toyour argument? How do these sources reflect or not reflect reality? How dothese sources interpret what is occurring on the streets, in prison, in courtrooms, in homes, and/or with the police?
Make sure to present acounterargument in your assignment so you are able to analyze that argument inrelation to the argument you postulate upfront. You don’t need to do a1,000 word counterargument, but one should be presented somewhere in yourpaper. Extra points will be provided to those students who can effectivelypose a counterargument, support it, and analyze it in relation to their ownargument.
Answer ONE question fromthe following six options
By way of exploringpublic roles of criminology, Sparks and Loader (2011) identifysixcriminologicalpersonas. With reference to at least two of thesepersonas,describe and evaluate their usefulness in the context of the contemporarycriminal justice field.
To what extent and inwhat ways are crime statistics helpful in informing criminal justice policy? Onwhat grounds should we be cautious about methods of crime and victimizationmeasurement?
Critically examine thekey divergences between classical and positivist theories of criminality. Whichschool of thought is the most persuasive and why?
Labellingprocesses playa significant role in incidences of individual criminality. Using examples tosupport your argument, how justifiable is this view?
In the wake of thefinancial crash in 2008, to what extent and in what ways is strain theoryrelevant in 2016?
As overall crime ratesin the U.S. have tended to decrease, the public’s fear of crime has tended toincrease. What role might the media play in that process?

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