Avoiding Plagiarism

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1) Introduction, a minimum of three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The report should be six double-spaced pages including the cover page and APA-formatted reference list.
2) Select the trend from following and develop a thesis statement, and argue what the effects of the trend are on HRM.
a) Transition away from HRM as solely an administrative function
b) Expansion into global markets (avoid drawing in MacDonald’s and Walmart as examples);
c) Evolution of employment standards through the labour movement;
d) Non-traditional employment and the gig economy;
e) The shift towards productivity improvement
f) Organizational agility
g) Composition of the external labour market (ageing, multi-generational, diverse, shift to knowledge
workers, increasing levels of education)
h) Diversity and inclusion in the workplace (note: diversity is not the same as inclusion)
i) Technological changes (e.g. social networking – if you choose this, be sure not to fall into a
general, obvious overview of the effects of social media on HRM; artificial intelligence and
robotics; HRIS and cloud computing; and analytics)
3) write an introduction that identifies the evolving trend and the three main points you will be making to support your thesis (presented in the order in which you subsequently address these in the report); write a conclusion that includes key points from the body of your report and no new information. You may incorporate some bullet points in your report if these are introduced correctly with an independent clause.
4) two academic journal articles and some
additional sources such as governmental or expert blogs or human resources or general business magazines. It also means using reasoning to draw conclusions based on the findings; this is where you add your voice to the paper. The blogs should be from people recognized in their industry as experts (see their LinkedIn profiles and bios to determine this), not just from any HR practitioner.
Note:- Imagine you are a research who has been requested to present his or her report findings at a professional conference. Create a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your report. The best presentations will follow the guidelines David JP Phillips offers in his Tedx Talk “Avoid Death by PowerPoint” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwpi1Lm6dFo). Be sure to include
references in this, as well, as these may use additional slides; details are included in the section
entitled Expectations for Avoiding Plagiarism. Create 7-10 slides plus reference list slides.
Important –
Expectations for Integrating Research and for Avoiding Plagiarism
The standards for correct referencing in academia are rigorous: any idea that is not your own must have a citation, the source of which is also included in full in the reference list. This includes references to concepts from the textbook. The only ideas that are not your own that do not require a citation are those that constitute common knowledge (e.g. it snows in Canada) or are your unique conclusions. These unique conclusions must be rooted in your research; where this is not accomplished, your conclusions constitute only opinion. Opinions are not compelling and will be graded accordingly. Cutting and pasting text or leaving out APA-standard referencing for concepts, facts, ideas or other content that comes from outside sources will result in a zero grade and will likely lead to you being reported for plagiarism.
To be clear, I will be looking for in-body citations and a reference list in your report. In your slides, include superscripts for every outside source in your slides; these numbered superscripts should correspond to a numbered list of sources in the final slide(s) of your PowerPoint presentation.

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