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Honda Activa 6g Vs TVS Jupiter
The world of motorbikes, especially scooters is changing very fast due to the fact that the nature of technology is dynamic. When any person who may want buy a scooter makes a simple comparison, it clearly emerges that both type of scooters use petrol. Both of them also have the same emission standards and displacement(cc).However, When it comes to Max Torque, Honda Activa 6g has [email protected],250rpm,and TVS Jupiter has [email protected],500rpm.This shows that many other differences also exist making it suitable for anyone who may want to purchase either of the scooters to have some knowledge of the two types before finalizing the purchase.
At a normal level the major differences between the two types of scooters will always determine the total amount of money for purchase .Both scooters have two cylinders each, with one spark plug per cylinder. Other major differences that emerge are based on Ignition system, where TVS Jupiter is Air cooled, whereas Honda Activa 6g is Fan cooled. Transmission in both cases is automatic, but the Transmission type is CVT in TVS Jupiter, and V-Matic in Honda Activa 6g.Whatever the case technology being the main creator of the scooters, it always ensures that the differences come for the good of the buyer. The braking system is SBT in TVS Jupiter, and CBS in Honda Activa 6g.This shows by whatever level TVS Jupiter is superior in some ways to Honda Activa 6g.
For anyone who may want to purchase either of the two types of scooters, should always be advised to consider the main differences that make sense before the deal is finalized. Even when it comes to fuel tank capacity, TVS Jupiter has that of 6 Liters compared to Honda Activa 6g at 5.3 Liters. There are many other areas that those who want to purchase scooters should look at, such as Chassis type, Ground clearance(mm),Overall height(mm),Overall width(mm) ,Kerb weight(Kg),Overall length(mm),Wheel type, among others. In all cases the best thing to note is that the reviews of the earlier buyers of the scooters will always matter most on how the scooters will fair in the market.
Generally it is all about competition. Whatever the scooter or motorbike you want to buy ,it matters most if you have some fore knowledge about them or not .For those who know the market of scooters very well will always make the right choices It matters most where you put your money for such scooters .Try to be wise, and you will always get the right scooter for yourself.

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